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  1. Paul Says:

    Teixera runs like a girl

  2. Steve_in_MA Says:

    Like Bob Gibson, I’ve got no problem with a pitcher throwing at a batter’s head.  Duck, schmuck.

  3. Steve_in_CT Says:

    I liked Padilla before. Now I LOVE him.
    Teixeira is a fag.

  4. Jcandora Says:

     Salty’s Right on!

    If Padilla had brushed him, Tex just might have gone back into his season long slump. You get a guy down, …You Kick him (Brush him in this case)   Tex looked awful comfortable all week-end up there.

    Just one more thing……….Tex is a MUCH better hitter (when he hits) left handed…………so why is BV taking Miller out and putting Padilla in?? 

  5. 4gamer Says:

    Whoops! teixera thought it was a 3 game series….watch out its hot today and one could slip…..ha ha ha

  6. Teddyted Says:

    i love how  unattractive Padilla is & how much Texeira looks like a gay Medieval Times employee. I would love for Padilla to come up & in tonite against him 

  7. budzman Says:

    Teixeira is 100% certified faggot.

  8. josh reddick Says:

    Tex is a way better run producer then that Bum Gonzo, Jeter has more homers then gonzo, 8 guys on the Yankees have more homers then Gonzo, another great signing by a last place team

  9. James Says:

    This is baseball Teixeira! Padilla didn´t pitched as he uses to do when he faced Teixeira because he knows that NY first baseman is always crying, eventhought Teixeira spoke BS!

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