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NBA draft prospect profile: Duke SF Brandon Ingram

06.11.16 at 12:40 pm ET
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As part of’s coverage of the 2016 NBA draft, here is a one in a series of profiles of prospective picks. The Celtics have amassed eight picks: 3, 16, 23, 31, 35, 45, 51, 58. The draft will be held June 23 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. 


Position: Small forward

School: Duke

Age: 18 (turns 19 on Sept. 2)

Height: 6-foot-9

Weight: 196 pounds

Wingspan: 7-foot-3

Key 2015-16 stats: 17.3 points, 6.8 rebounds, 2.0 assists

Scouting report: One year ago the name Brandon Ingram was nowhere to be found near the top of many draft boards, but after a standout season at Duke, Ingram will most likely have a short wait to hear his name get called in the draft with either Ingram or former LSU forward Ben Simmons likely going first.

Ingram has drawn comparisons to Thunder forward Kevin Durant. Similar to Durant, Ingram has a lengthy body and the ability to shoot from beyond the 3-point arc. Ingram’s body type also has drawn criticism, with some scouts believing that he lacks the strength to finish above the rim. In addition, some teams are said to be wary of Ingram’s lack of defensive consistency. While Simmons is thought to be a player who will have an immediate impact, Ingram might endure some growing pains while transitioning to the NBA.

“Ingram’s lack of physical strength is a legitimate issue; it’s something that guys like him have overcome, but how long will that take? I doubt it can happen the first year,” one NBA scout told Sports Illustrated.

Although Ingram might not be ready to star in the NBA just yet, he has tons of potential. At 18 years old Ingram is the second-youngest projected first-round draft pick behind Dragan Bender, and after growing seven inches in high school, Ingram still is fitting into to his current frame. Making Ingram more appealing is the fact that his skill set of being a tall, lengthy forward who has the ball-handling and shooting ability of a guard fits perfectly into today’s NBA. Also, Ingram showed at Duke that he has the ability to play more positions than just forward. Furthermore, unlike Simmons, who has been pegged as a diva, Ingram is known as someone who requires minimal extra attention.

Notes: Ingram was the ACC Freshman of the Year and was placed on the All-ACC second team and All-ACC freshman team. His regular-season average of 16.7 points per game was seventh in the conference. Including Ingram, four college players since 2001-02 with wingspans of 7-foot-2 or greater have attempted 5.0 3’s per 40 minutes and made at least 40 percent of those shots; two of those players went undrafted, the third player is Kevin Durant. If Ingram is selected first overall, he will become the first ever 18-year-old one-and-done No. 1 overall pick. Starting in eighth grade Ingram was coached and mentored by former NBA star Jerry Stackhouse, who grew up in Ingram’s hometown of Kingston, North Carolina.

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NBA draft prospect profile: Louisville SF Damion Lee

06.11.16 at 9:29 am ET
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As part of’s coverage of the 2016 NBA draft, here is one in a series of profiles of prospective picks. The Celtics have amassed eight picks: 3, 16, 23, 31, 35, 45, 51, 58. The draft will be held June 23 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.


Position: Small forward

School: Louisville

Age: 23 (turns 24 on Oct. 21)

Height: 6-foot-6

Weight: 210 pounds

Wingspan: n/a

Key 2015-16 stats: 15.9 points, 3.9 rebounds, 2.0 assists

Scouting report: One of the biggest detractors for teams thinking about Lee is his age. At 23 years old he is an elder statesmen compared to the other potential draft picks. For whatever team does take Lee, they will get a streaky perimeter shooter (34 percent from behind the arc this past season). In 125 college games he made 257 3-pointers and finished with 2,016 career points. There has been speculation that his inconsistent shot is due to shot selection rather than mechanics. Lee also possesses great scoring instincts and the ability to create his own shot. When playing in a half-court offense, Lee can be predictable because he struggles to get to the hoop and when he does drive he almost always goes left.

Lee, who was not invited to the draft combine, is projected to go late in the second round. Whichever GM selects him is hoping that Lee’s offensive game will improve in the NBA when he no longer has to be the focal point of an offense.

Notes: Lee was an All-ACC second-team selection in his only season at Louisville. He transferred there as a graduate student after playing three years at Drexel, where he was a first-team All-CAA selection and earned a spot on the conference’s all-defense team in 2015, despite missing the final couple of weeks of the season after breaking his right hand in a game against Northeastern (he still scored 30 points). He finished second in balloting for CAA Player of the Year, one vote behind William & Mary guard Marcus Thornton — who went on to be drafted by the Celtics last June. Lee redshirted the 2013-14 season after tearing his ACL in the fifth game of the season. He was second-team All-CAA in 2013, and in 2012 he was the CAA Rookie of the Year. … Lee, who hails from Baltimore, spent a prep year at Saint Thomas More in Oakdale, Connecticut, in 2010-11 and led to the team to the National Prep School Championship.

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Isaiah Thomas wants Team USA to look at him for Olympics: ‘I wish I could get a chance’

06.10.16 at 7:28 pm ET
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Isaiah Thomas . (Brett Davis/USA Today Sports)

Isaiah Thomas tweeted that he has not been selected to Team USA this summer in Rio. (Brett Davis/USA Today Sports)

Isaiah Thomas is nothing if not honest.

He spent the last couple of weeks pushing hard for Kevin Durant to come to Boston and join him on the Celtics.

Now, the 5-foot-9 dynamo is making another pitch. He wants to play on Team USA in Rio. 

“I wish I could get a chance to play on the USA team!” Thomas tweeted Friday evening. “Looking at the history of it, I’ve never seen a small guard selected 2 even try out.”

Of course, the most famous “Dream Team” snub involved Thomas’ namesake in 1992 in Spain, when the Pistons’ Isiah Thomas was not offered a spot. Many theories have been suggested over the years. The most common involves Thomas burning a bridge with Michael Jordan when he led a walk-off against Jordan and the Bulls at the end of the 1991 Eastern finals, a move that struck a raw nerve with Jordan.

This Thomas has no such intention of burning a bridge. 

USA Basketball will have a 12-man roster in Rio. ESPN reported Friday that Kings forward (and a player perpetually tied to the Celtics) DeMarcus Cousins has been selected.

There’s a who’s who list of NBA stars who have already turned down Team USA, including NBA MVP Stephen Curry, LaMarcus Aldridge Anthony Davis, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and John Wall.

The Celtics’ point guard would seem to be a natural fit to replace the likes of Curry, Wall or Paul.

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NBA draft prospect profile: Boise State SF James Webb III

06.10.16 at 4:20 pm ET
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As part of’s coverage of the 2016 NBA draft, here is one in a series of profiles of prospective picks. The Celtics have amassed eight picks: 3, 16, 23, 31, 35, 45, 51, 58. The draft will be held June 23 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.


Position: Small forward

School: Boise State

Age: 22 (turns 23 on Aug. 19)

Height: 6-foot-9

Weight: 202 pounds

Wingspan: 6-foot-11

Key 2015-16 stats: 16.1 points, 9.0 rebounds, 1.4 steals

Scouting report: Webb, projected to be a late-second-round pick, is a player who can play both the small forward and the power forward position efficiently. He’s incredibly explosive and quick, but he’ll need to increase his body strength to fit in with other NBA small forwards. He shot 61.6 percent from inside the arc his junior year, which is a result of good shot selection. He excels at finishing around the rim and gets open easily with his off-ball movement.

Yet when watching Webb, it’s clear that he needs to improve in various areas. Webb has good height for a small forward, but he’s thin and gets pushed around down low, so he needs to fill out his frame to compete with the NBA’s general physicality. He needs to be able to create his own shots on the floor, and that includes fixing his jump shot. After shooting 40.9 percent from deep last season, Webb took a major step back, connecting on only 21.9 percent of his 3-point attempts this year. Webb admitted that his jump shot fundamentals is one of the main things he’s working on this summer.

“I didn’t really shoot the ball as well as I did last year, so [NBA teams] just want to see that,” Webb said in an interview with Basketball Insiders. “We’ve been working with Ben Simmons here on just tweaking a few things. It’s nothing major, like you said, just dipping the ball a little bit, working on keeping it high, and just getting my shot off in the mid-range.”

Notes: Webb began his collegiate career at North Idaho College before transferring to Boise State his sophomore year. In his redshirt junior season, Webb made All-Mountain West first team and scored in double figures 24 times in the season. He will attempt to be the first Bronco selected in the NBA draft since 1999.

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NBA draft prospect profile: UNLV C Stephen Zimmerman

06.10.16 at 12:57 pm ET
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As part of’s coverage of the 2016 NBA draft, here is one in a series of profiles of prospective picks. The Celtics have amassed eight picks: 3, 16, 23, 31, 35, 45, 51, 58. The draft will be held June 23 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.


Position: Center

School: UNLV

Age: 19 (turns 20 on Sept. 9)

Height: 7-foot-0

Weight: 234 pounds

Wingspan: 7-foot-3

Key 2015-16 stats: 10.3 points, 8.8 rebounds, 1.9 blocks

Scouting report: A 7-footer with excellent size and length, Zimmerman is a natural-born rebounder and rim protector. He has good hands and has flashed potential of becoming a dependable post scorer in the NBA. Zimmerman is able to hit a mid-range jumper as well as dive toward the hoop, making him an ideal pick-and-roll option. He also has great offensive awareness, keeping his head on a swivel and making nice passes from the block.

A projected late-first-round pick, Zimmerman said the plan was always for him to be a one-and-done player.

“At the beginning of the year … we sat down with all the coaches and they said based on my work ethic and my skill level, if I didn’t leave after the first year, they feel they did their job wrong,” Zimmerman told the Detroit Free Press. “It was kind of set from the beginning for me to progress and play at this level.”

Zimmerman is a nice player, but there isn’t one thing he’s elite at yet. His focus could be better on the court, as his laid-back personality has hurt him at times. He has to work to be more mean and aggressive against opponents, especially for a player his size. His post game will have to be developed, and his free throw percentage (62 percent last season) could be better considering his mid-range jump shot.

Notes: Zimmerman finished third in the Mountain West Conference in rebounds and second in blocks per game after being named the conference’s Preseason Freshman of the Year. … He had a 35-inch vertical leap and a 30-inch standing vertical leap at the NBA draft combine.

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NBA draft prospect profile: UConn PG Daniel Hamilton

06.10.16 at 10:43 am ET
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As part of’s coverage of the 2016 NBA draft, here is one in a series of profiles of prospective picks. The Celtics have amassed eight picks: 3, 16, 23, 31, 35, 45, 51, 58. The draft will be held June 23 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.


Position: Shooting guard

School: UConn

Age: 20 (turns 21 on Aug. 8)

Height: 6-foot-7

Weight: 197 pounds

Wingspan: 6-foot-9

Key 2015-16 stats: 12.5 points, 9.0 rebounds, 4.7 assists

Scouting report: Hamilton, who is leaving UConn after his sophomore season, is a defensive rebounding machine (8.1 per game). It is rare for a guard to be able to grab as many rebounds as Hamilton does, but the high number of rebounds shows Hamilton’s hustle and anticipation skills. Hamilton also uses those skills to be a successful facilitator. This past season there were only three players in the nation who had more than five assists and 10 rebounds per 40 minutes: LSU’s Ben Simmons, BYU’s Kyle Collingsworth and Hamilton.

At the next level it is unlikely that Hamilton will be a point guard because of his inability to be an efficient scorer. According to Synergy Sports Technology, Hamilton converted only 41.6 percent of his 2-point shots and 42.7 percent of his shots around the rim. Those low percentages are due in large part to poor shot selection. Rebounding is Hamilton’s only strength on defense. He needs to improve his defensive discipline before he succeeds at the next level. Hamilton is predicted to be drafted late in the second round, if he is drafted at all.

Notes: Hamilton had 63 points and 34 rebounds for UConn in the AAC Tournament. For his performance he was named the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player. Then in two games in the NCAA Tournament he totaled 28 points and 18 rebounds. … Hamilton was named all-conference second team this year, and was the AAC Rookie of the Year in 2014-15. … All four of Hamilton’s older brothers have either played or currently are playing Division 1 college basketball. One brother, Jordan, has had stints with four NBA teams (most recently the Pelicans this year) since being drafted 26th overall in 2011 out of Texas.

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NBA draft prospect profile: New Mexico State PF Pascal Siakam

06.09.16 at 3:47 pm ET
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As part of’s coverage of the 2016 NBA draft, here is one in a series of profiles of prospective picks. The Celtics have amassed eight picks: 3, 16, 23, 31, 35, 45, 51, 58. The draft will be held June 23 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.


Position: Power forward

School: New Mexico State

Age: 22

Height: 6-foot-9

Weight: 227 pounds

Wingspan: 7-foot-3

Key 2015-16 stats: 20.4 points, 11.8 rebounds, 2.2 blocks

Scouting report: Siakam uses his intimidating wingspan and high motor to have his way in the paint. He isn’t overly impressive on the offensive end, but the big man can score on putbacks and dump-ins with the best of them. Siakam’s hustle helps him rebound with ease, as well as get down to the other end of the court quickly for a big. He also is surprisingly capable of staying in front of guards on defense. While Siakam may lack a wide range of post moves, he has shown potential on his midrange jumper. One NBA team will hope that he can make the necessary adjustments to his jump shot in order to thrive as a stretch four.

Siakam, projected to go anywhere from late first round to late second round, worked out for the Celtics on June 6, with his focus being to display his high energy level. “I’m just trying to show that I’m a competitor,” Siakam said during his visit. “I come to this workout and do what I do best; I’m not trying to force anything.”

While Siakam does have great wingspan for a power forward, he’s a little too thin and will need to fill out his frame and work on his strength down low. His limited post moves have become too predictable, and at 22 years old, there may not be much upside to his game. He is a fairly well-rounded prospect, but there’s also plenty to work on.

Notes: Siakam led the nation in double-doubles with 22 in 32 games this past season. He was named the unanimous WAC Player of the Year and made the conference’s All-Defensive Team. … He grew up playing soccer in Cameroon before moving to the United States in 2012. … He is the youngest of four brothers who all played Division 1 basketball. … Siakam will attempt to be the first player from NMSU drafted since 1991.

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