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What they’re saying about the Celtics-Magic series

05.28.10 at 10:59 am ET
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The Celtics find themselves in a dubious situation after opening up a dominating 3-0 series lead over the Magic, and with the Bruins’  crushing loss to the Flyers fresh on everyone’s minds, the Green hope to avoid making similar history.

It seemed unthinkable heading into Game 4, but now there are rumblings that the Celtics could give this series away. George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel has no doubt the Magic will be the first team in the history of the NBA to come back from a 3-0 deficit and win a best-of-seven series.

Over-the-top proclamations like that may not be the norm, but as Jonathan Abrams of The New York Times points out, there may still be some bad karma lingering at the TD Garden.

The injury bug bit the C’s fast and hard Wednesday night, leaving Glen Davis and Marquis Daniels with concussions, and Rasheed Wallace with back spasms. But no one in the Celtics locker room is panicking, according to’s Chris Forsberg, who says the Celtics looked cool and confident in the locker room after their tough loss in Game 5.

Although excuses will not be made by anyone in a green uniform, the officiating has been anything but consistent all series, and that worked against the Celtics significantly in game 5. Although Kendrick Perkins‘ second technical of Game 5 was rescinded Thursday, calls have been leaning heavily in Orlando’s favor the last two games. According to embattled former referee Tim Donaghy, who appeared on Dennis & Callahan Thursday, the NBA was pushing for a Game 6.

As Charley Rosen at points out, the referees should allow both teams to play hard in this important Game 6.

Ultimately, the Celtics will need to regain that early series form if they hope to defeat a rejuvenated Magic team that has found it’s shooting groove from outside, and has begun to wear down the C’s big men. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!Sports says the Celtics cannot afford to go back to Orlando, and that winning Friday night is their only option.

Wilbon on D&C: Do C’s have enough physically?

05.28.10 at 9:12 am ET
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Michael Wilbon of ESPN and The Washington Post joined the Dennis & Callahan show Friday morning to talk about the Celtics-Magic series. To listen to the interview, visit the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Asked for his prediction for Friday night’s Game 6, Wilbon said: “[My opinion] is tainted, completely colored by history. … What’s in my gut is the Boston Celtics don’t lose this game at home.”

Wilbon agreed with the assertion that the Celtics’ experience in big games will be a factor. “Boston has so many more guys that are tested in that way than Orlando,” he said. “You’d think that would count for something tonight.”

However, Wilbon noted the effect of the Celtics’ injuries, real or imagined. “There’s no way that Rondo is not hurting. He’s not exploding past his man like he did in the first three games. He’s not even attempting it,” Wilbon said, wondering: “Do they have enough physically to get through tonight’s game?”

Nate’s new neck art

05.27.10 at 11:14 pm ET
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Nate Robinson has been relatively quiet for most of the postseason, but he drew attention during Game 5, and it wasn’t just because of his basketball.

Robinson scored five points, grabbed a rebound, a steal, and even blocked Dwight Howard in nine minutes, his most playing time since May 7.

During the game, Yahoo! Sports spotted a new tattoo on Robinson … on his neck. The tattoo resembles the Bentley logo, with the number “8” in the center in place of the letter “B.”

Yahoo! noted Robinson tweeted about getting a new tattoo prior to Game 4. Click here for further explanation of the design and a photo of the ink.

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Doc: Redick most consistent for Magic

05.27.10 at 9:30 pm ET
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It’€™s no coincidence that Ray Allen‘€™s scoring has been inconsistent against the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals. It is part of J.J. Redick’€™s plan, one that has been in the works for years.

As Redick revealed to’€™s Bill Simmons at the start of the series, he has been studying Allen’€™s game since he was in college.

‘€œWhen I got to Duke, coach [Chris] Collins, who was kind of like our guard coach, he used to show me tapes of Reggie [Miller], Ray and Rip Hamilton. Those are the three guys I studied at Duke,’€ Redick said. ‘€œAnd, obviously watched them shoot the ball, but those guys are really, really good at creating space and then coming off the picks.’€

Redick’€™s comprehensive knowledge of Allen’€™s skills and tendencies has helped him defend Allen for the second postseason in a row. Redick has an edge on anticipating Allen’€™s next move because he has emulated them so many times himself. Take Allen’€™s ability to run off screens as an example.

“Well, I kind of think it’s because that’s what I used to do at Duke,’€ he said. ‘€œI kind of understand the mentality of coming off picks, coming off baseline screens. And really, it’s all about having contact and making sure there’€™s not that much separation. Ray, as you know, he gets it off so quick, you really have to be on his body.”

Redick’€™s insight has helped him stay ready on defense. Allen’€™s scoring has ranged from 25 points to four, shooting as hot as 8-for-16 from the field to 1-for-6.

While Redick’€™s performance has been overshadowed by more prominent storylines in the series, it has not been lost on Doc Rivers. The coach is well aware of Redick’€™s contributions on both ends (he is averaging 12 ppg, 45.5 percent FG, 56.3 percent 3PG, 95.5 percent FT) and the impact he has made against the Celtics.

‘€œWe can’t know he was going to be Pistol Pete [Maravich] coming into this series, but we did expect him to be a great player,’€ Rivers told reporters in a conference call on Thursday. ‘€œJ.J. Redick has hurt us all year in the regular season. It was one of the things we talked about going into the series. J.J. Redick has been very, very important.  He was last year in the playoffs against us, he’s played very well against us in the regular season, and he’s played well again against us in the playoffs now.

‘€œHe’s a guy that everyone’s talking about Dwight Howard and Jameer [Nelson]. I think J.J. Redick has been their most consistent player in this series.’€

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Injury update: Big Baby improves, Quis does not

05.27.10 at 6:22 pm ET
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The good news for the Celtics is that Glen Davis has shown improvement after suffering a concussion in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals. The news is not so promising on Marquis Daniels, who also had a concussion. Rasheed Wallace, meanwhile is still struggling with back spasms.

First, the positive news for the Celtics. Doc Rivers said on a conference call with reporters that Davis was looking better and that he was undergoing tests this evening with the team doctors.

“He didn’t have any headaches today,” Rivers said. “He had some last night, he didn’t have any today, which is a big step. All of it will be a game-time decision, so we’ll have to wait and see.”

Daniels, meanwhile, is not so fortunate and it’s looking doubtful that he will be ready for Game 6 Friday.

“Marquis is not doing as well as Baby,” Rivers said. “I would actually say right now that he won’t be ready.

Then there’s Wallace who had his back tighten up during the game. Rivers sounded cautiously optimistic about Wallace’s availability, although he did have a rough morning.

“Rasheed is doing better,” Rivers said. “It was not going well at all today. We watched some film before we got on the plane and he couldn’t sit down, but he’s doing better [now].”

All three are said to be game-time decisions. Brian Scalabrine is the one player on the roster with NBA experience who has been mostly inactive during the playoffs. Scalabrine was activated for Game 2 of the series with the Magic after Shelden Williams had a back spasm.

Oliver Lafayette and Tony Gaffney, who were signed at the very end of the season, are the other two options in a worst-case scenario.

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Doc: No formal Hornets offer for Thibodeau

05.27.10 at 6:08 pm ET
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Doc Rivers said on a conference call Thursday that the New Orleans Hornets have not made assistant coach Tom Thibodeau an offer to become their next head coach. “No, not yet,” Rivers said. “I’m hoping they do soon. He deserves it. I haven’t heard much. Thibs and I do talk about it. So we’re just hoping.”

As a follow-up, Rivers was asked if this was a distraction. “I’m not worried about it,” Rivers said. “There’s nobody that’s going to work harder than Tom Thibodeau. Ever. He will never be a distraction. That’s the one guy I have no concern with. I’m not worried about it all.”

Thibodeau has been one of the hottest names in coaching with several teams, including Charlotte, New Jersey and Chicago all said to be interested in him for a head coaching job. The Hornets had seemed to jump to the head of the line with several outlets reporting that they had made him an offer, although Hornets general manager Jeff Bower denied it.

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Barry on D&C: ‘We could see history again’

05.27.10 at 4:23 pm ET
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ESPN basketball analyst Jon Barry joined the Dennis & Callahan show Thursday morning after the Celtics’ 113-92 Game 5 loss to the Magic. He discussed the urgency of Game 6 in Boston, how he believes Kendrick Perkins and Glen Davis will both be back for that game, and the ramifications of not sweeping the Magic when the Celtics had the chance.

‘€œI’€™ll tell you, it’€™s unfortunate, and that’€™s exactly why you take care of business when you can, Barry said. ‘€œInjuries, technicals, ejections, all those things come into play. Now, you have a very confident Orlando team, and Boston’€™s going to have their hands full tomorrow night.’€

What follows is a transcript of that interview. You can listen to it in its entirety at the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

You’€™ve said, ‘€œI wasn’€™t worried about the Boston Celtics, but I am now.’€ This is a team in trouble, is it not?

With all the stuff that went down last night, concussions and Rasheed Wallace‘€™s back is now hurting. To me, [Rajon] Rondo looks like he’€™s not 100 percent. He’€™s not playing the same. You’€™ve got a confident Orlando team. Everything they couldn’€™t do in the first three games, they’€™re able to do now. Game 6 is basically Game 7 for the Celtics. I really do believe that. I think they have to get it done at home, or we could see history again. I don’€™t know how the Boston fans are going to deal with it with the Bruins doing it and the Celtics in the same year. Hard to believe.

We expect Kendrick Perkins to have one or two of his technicals rescinded. Do you agree with that, and do you think there’€™s any way Glen Davis plays? Are you expecting to see Perkins but no Big Baby like we are?

I’€™m expecting to see both. I am. Like Doc [Rivers] said, Baby would have a hard time passing a test if he was perfectly normal because he’€™s a little bit kooky anyways.

But the culture has changed. There’€™s a much higher burden of proof today to prove you can play after a head injury.

Yeah, there is. He’€™s going to have to get cleared certainly, but I believe he’€™ll be out there. Certainly Perkins, it wouldn’€™t surprise me if both technicals were rescinded, certainly one of them should be. It was a tough break for them obviously. The final score wasn’€™t really indicative of what happened. This was a pretty tight game. You can’€™t lose Kendrick Perkins. I think Kendrick Perkins plays Dwight Howard as good as anybody does in the league. Kevin Garnett, I didn’€™t even mention him. I think his leg looks different than it did a week ago.

The longer you go in a series, obviously the tougher it becomes. This is an older team, and they don’€™t look the same like they did in the first three games. That’€™s why Game 4, you do not mess around. Sitting with Magic Johnson, he said, ‘€œTake no games for granted. You have a team 3-0 and you’€™re at home, you take care of business.’€ And they didn’€™t do that. Read the rest of this entry »

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