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Grant Hill on the Inauguration

01.19.09 at 10:00 pm ET
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There is a palpable sense of joy across the NBA about the inauguration of Barack Obama tomorrow. Travel plans are being changed, Tivo’s are being set and Ray Allen is heading to Washington to take in the momentous occasion live and in person.

Perhaps no one in the NBA has a more interesting perspective than Phoenix’s Grant Hill whose mother was roommates with one Hilary Clinton at Wellesley. But Hill was an Obama supporter from way back, donating money to his campaign as early as 2007. Like a lot of players, Hill would love to be in the District tomorrow, but his schedule won’t allow it. I caught up with Hill before the Celtics game with the Suns and asked him about the day.

“It’s kind of hard to make sense of it,” Hill said. “Home for us is Florida, which is a fairly conservative state, and Obama carried Florida. Phoenix is (John) McCain country and people there are excited too. What he’s done, and how he’s done it has the country excited. There’s a feeling that there are some smart people in place. There’s a feeling of pride in the country and the whole political process. Hopefully that will inspire people to go out and work for change because the hard part starts now.”

There has been much made about Obama’s love of basketball. The analogy is an easy one to make–teamwork, sacrifice, a sense of being a part of something greater than the individual self–and it appeals to what people see in Obama and their hopes for his administration. It’s so easy to make that it’s already become a bit of a cliche, but I asked Hill about it anyway.

“I think he understands the importance of teamwork,” Hill said. “He picked smart people for his cabinet and he relies on them. They’ll challenge him. It certainly reflects the value of sport and athletics.”

With a grin, Hill added, “I hope he’ll be a better president than a basketball player, though.”

Celtics-Suns Game Blog: Fourth Quarter

01.19.09 at 9:49 pm ET
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At the start of the fourth … Celtics 89, Suns 58

Rajon Rondo starts the fourth quarter with 23 points, five rebounds, and seven assists. Now is a good time to remember the Suns drafted Rondo with the 21st pick in the 2006 NBA Draft and traded him to Boston. Celtics fans everywhere are thanking the Suns for that generous move.

– Second unit plus Scal is in: Pruitt, House, Davis, Powe, Scalabrine. For the Suns it’s Barbosa, Lopez, Amundson, Barnes, and Tucker.

– There’s a “We want Walker” chant starting near Section 20. The Celtics are up 31 with 11 minutes to go … a perfect situation for the rookie to get some PT.

– During the timeout assistant coach Tom Thibodeau pulled Leon Powe aside. Let’s see if he steps up his defense.

– Gino is warming up backstage.

Patrick O’Bryant wiped out Goran Dragic at the top of the key. Dragic is 6’4.

– It’s garbage time but Gabe Pruitt and Bill Walker are making the most of their minutes. Pruitt has dished off some impressive passes while Walker is showcasing his dunking abilities.

- Final score … Celtics 104, Suns 87

Celtics-Suns Game Blog: Third Quarter

01.19.09 at 9:27 pm ET
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And we’re back for the second half. Two questions: Can the Celtics play any better? Could the Suns play worse? I suspect we’ll find out in the first 5 or 6 minutes of the half if Phoenix can make it at least interesting. Let’s find out…

THIRD QUARTER WRAP: Give the Suns credit for not packing it in, but this one is ovah. I said at the end of the first quarter that this was the best the Celtics have played all year, and it hasn’t let up. We are now entering extended garbage time, so I hope Bill Walker is ready for some run.

If that’s not reason enough to watch, Jess will be sure to keep you entertained.

Third Quarter Observations

— I made a joke about Scal outplaying Amare Stoudemire in the first quarter, and lo and behold, Scal is still getting the better of the matchup. Stoudemire went hard to the basket on the first possession and got to the line. One would think he would be a little embarrassed after getting to one point in the first half.

— Rondo just got Shaq’d. R squared is dusting Steve Nash on the offensive end, as you might expect, but it didn’t take much for Shaq to get a big beefy paw on that one.

— I know it’s 26-point spread but now it’s getting fun. Nash has that look in his eye, like when Dallas refused to guard him in the playoffs a few years ago and he went beserk.

— Double-figure alert: Every one of the starters has at least 10 points, except for Scal, who does have the slam a da night.

— I was focusing so much on Amare I hadn’t even noticed that Jason Richardson hadn’t scored until that drive.

— Just so we’re all clear: Rajon Rondo is putting on an absolute show tonight and it doesn’t hurt that the opponent is Nash and the game is on TNT. Clinic.

— Turnovers tonight. Celtics 7, Phoenix 18. Couldn’t have gotten odds on those numbers.

— If Scal had dunked on Amare, I’m not sure the building would still be left standing. Kendrick Perkins says that he’s doing good, by the way. As much as he wanted to play against Shaq tonight, the Celtics need him more against Dwight Howard on Thursday.

— You can clearly see that the Suns are dog tired. Every outside shot is hitting the front rim, but still, this is just a horrific beatdown tonight. I’m sure the rest of the NBA is taking note.

Celtics-Suns Game Blog: Second Quarter

01.19.09 at 8:34 pm ET
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The second quarter gets under way with highlight’s from Lucky the Leprechaun’s guest appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He got to the basket easier than the Phoenix Suns, who scored just 15 points in the first 12 minutes.

– Notable number: the Suns committed nine turnovers in the first quarter. They averaged 16 per game this season.

– At the first timeout the Celtics have pushed the lead up to 40-19. The Suns are up to 11 TOs.

– Before the game Big Baby dropped by the Suns locker room to visit Shaq. The big man was on his cell phone on the trainer’s table so Davis decided not to interrupt. All of his consideration was forgotten on the court when he drained a J over Shaq. Big Fella has the size, but Big Baby has the jumper. (Ok so it’s a work in progress … he airballed the next attempt.)

– Tonight’s Heroes Among Us Award was presented to 1968 Olympic gold medalist Tommie Smith and Charlene Carlos, the wife of 1968 Olympic bronze medalist John Carlos. Smith and Carlos raised black-gloved fists during their medal ceremony as a peaceful protest, which serves as an iconic moment in the civil rights movement.

– If you thought Scal and Shaq was a mismatch, imagine what happened after Louis Amundson tried to stop KG. Let’s just say Shaq had a few words for Amundson at the next whistle.

– Turnover count: 14 for the Suns.

– The Suns surpassed the Celtics first quarter total with a minute to go in the half.

- At the end of the first half … Celtics 64, Suns 34

Celtics-Suns Game Blog: First Quarter

01.19.09 at 8:01 pm ET
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We’re off to a late start on account of a fine press buffet and the presence of weei grand master Rob Bradford in line for said buffet. So we’ll dispense with the usual pleasantries and get right to it. It’s the Suns. It’s the Celtics. It’s Steve Nash and Rajon Rondo. It’s Amare Stoudemire and Kevin Garnett. It’s Shaquille O’Neal and Brian Scalabrine?

Let’s get it on…

FIRST QUARTER WRAP: The Celtics couldn’t have asked for more in the first 12 minutes. Well maybe if Scal had made that 3 at the end of the quarter, but then, Scal threw down a two-handed jam.

Fun stat of the quarter: The Celtics shot 24 times and made 14 of them. The Suns took 14 shots. That, friends, is domination.

First quarter observations

— You have to be in a coma (or a Dukie) to not be excited about this one tonight. Phoenix isn’t the best team in the West by a long shot, and you can make the argument that the Celtics aren’t the best team in the East anymore either, but the matchups are phenomenal. I’m giddy.

— KG opens up Shaq. As you all know the Celtics hate putting Garnett on a BIG big man. It will be interesting to see how long they stick with it.

— The Celtics say they are emphasizing fast starts. Ya think?

— Kind of jarring to go from Paul PIerce talking about Martin Luther King Day to Quiet Riot doing Come on Fell the Noize. Maybe a little Marvin Gaye would have been the play?

— The Celtics are pressing fullcourt, which makes sense when you consider that the Suns played yesterday and are not quite the running 7 Seconds or Less juggernaut of past years. See what a few days off can do for a team?

— Scal with the two-handed flush!

— For the record, with 5 minutes 11 seconds gone by Brian Scalabrine is outplaying Amare Stoudemire. This will probably not last.

— Baby’s coming in to wrestle with Shaq for a while. Garnett did everything he was supposed to do on the Big Fella. He stayed between him and the basket, he used his length to block a shot and he used his quickness to get a steal.

— Nash just got Rondo’d.

— Naturally that made me think of this:

— You know things are going well when you fumble three passes and still get a 3-on-1 layup. Best quarter of the season so far for the Celtics.

— The Suns are getting outworked, out-hustled and outplayed. Badly.

Suns expecting big game from Shaq

01.19.09 at 7:38 pm ET
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The Phoenix Suns have the size advantage almost every game with Shaquille O’Neal. Take the Boston Celtics biggest player off the court and the Suns are feeling good about the mismatch.

‘€œAny time we get an opportunity to have a size difference with Shaq in the paint, we always try to go to him,’€ Amare Stoudemire said prior to Monday’s game. ‘€œWe try to feed it to him, see if he can take advantage of that. And if not, we go to our other options. So tonight will be a pretty good night for Big Fella if he can dominate out there and stay out of foul trouble.’€

The Celtics have to alter their plan of attack without Kendrick Perkins (shoulder). Doc Rivers is looking for Kevin Garnett to use his quickness to outplay Shaq, while the biggest mission for back ups Leon Powe, Glen Davis, and Brian Scalabrine is keeping a body between O’Neal and the basket. The Suns, though, aren’t changing their gameplan.

‘€œI think it changes the fact that having Scalabrine starting as opposed to Kendrick Perkins, that’s a bit of a difference. But as opponents we can’t look at it that way,’€ said Stoudemire. ‘€œWe’ve got to attack it as if he were playing, so we should go inside to the big fella. Shaq should have a pretty good game tonight.’€

The Suns are one of the few teams who figured out the key to beating the Celtics last season. Stoudemire scored 28 points off of 10-for-23 shooting and Steve Nash added 18 in the Suns’ 85-77 victory. Combine that with former Charlotte Bobcat Jason Richardson’s success against the Cs and the Suns think they know how to get it done tonight.

‘€œI’m pretty sure he knows how to defend the guards out there,’€ Stoudemir said of Richardson. ‘€œAs a team, we’ve just got to pull together. We beat them last year, Bobcats beat them. What we’ve got to do is just keep playing how we’ve been playing.’€

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Uncovering Allen’s Game

01.19.09 at 12:13 pm ET
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Ray Allen makes basketball look easy. He could knock down three-pointers in his sleep, right? Allen is featured on the cover of the latest issue of The Improper Bostonian, where he explains that his game isn’t as effortless as it seems.

A long time ago, somebody told me that they thought God had blessed me with a jump shot, and the ability to be a great NBA player. That surprised me. I was like, ‘€˜Do you really believe that?’€™ God blessed me with health, a healthy family and the ability to go out and find for myself what I wanted to do. He granted me with the competitive drive to want to be the best and the sound mind to accomplish my goals. But that came through focus and dedication, not from some Godgiven right.

Allen’s dedication to his professional and personal life made him an easy choice for the cover story. Away from basketball he is involved with the Joslin Diabetes Center, where his son Walker received treatment for Type 1 Diabetes.

“Since it’s our Man issue, Ray Allen seemed like the perfect fit,” said Megan Lisagor, editor of The Improper Bostonian. “He embodies the qualities of a good guy–dedicated on the court to his craft and off the court to causes like juvenile diabetes. He’s focused and humble. Not to mention, he’s incredibly smooth!”

This issue of The Improper Bostonian hits newsstands this week.

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