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More than a flopper

04.12.09 at 7:13 pm ET
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Anderson Varejao has been called a flopper. He has been called emotional. But the  Celtics‘ front office has another name for him.

‘€œHe’s a beast, though,’€ Celtics managing partner Steve Pagliuca said on Celtics Now. ‘€œHe’s a beast.’€

Varejao made an impression when he worked out with the Celtics prior to the 2004 NBA Draft. Even though they decided to go with Al Jefferson a the 15th pick (Varejao was later picked up by Cleveland at the 30th spot), his workout was still memorable five years later.

‘€œWe tried him out for the Celtics and I thought we had to stop the tryout because he was going to kill somebody,’€ Pagliuca said. ‘€œHe was hacking. I thought our players were in jeopardy. He’s a very physical player.’€

That day stood out to Varejao as well. He recalls going hard against David Harrison, who was selected by the Indiana Pacers with the 29th pick that summer.

‘€œIt was a very physical workout. I remember that,’€ Varejao said. ‘€œIt was pretty physical and that’s what I like. I like to play like that and that’s why he probably remembers me.’€

There is no ignoring Varejao this season. He averaged 11 points and 7.8 rebounds in four regular season games against the Celtics. The pairing of 6-foot-11 Varejao and 7-foot-3 Zydrunas Ilgauskas has stifled the Cs down low without Kevin Garnett, Leon Powe, and Brian Scalabrine.

He made another impression on the Celtics on Sunday when he rattled the even-keeled Ray Allen. (Click here for a recap of the Cavaliers 107-76 victory.) They got tangled up trying to box one another out at the line and Allen ended up on the ground. After Allen dealt Varejao an elbow on his way back up, both were called for technical fouls.

‘€œHe’s kind of an energy, hard-hitting player,’€ Pagliuca said.

No kidding. Even though a language barrier prevented Brazilian-born Varejao from receiving compliments from Pagliuca at the time, he still appreciates them five years after his workout.

‘€œThat means a lot to me,’€ he said. ‘€œIt means a lot because hearing that from somebody who’s in the situation that he’s in right now, and he’s still talking about me, it means a lot. I just want to say thanks for his words.’€

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Allen reveals favorite five shooters

04.12.09 at 4:59 pm ET
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ABC revealed Ray Allen’s five favorite all-time shooters during Sunday’s game against Cleveland:

Reggie Miller
Dell Curry
Dale Ellis
Craig Hodges
Michael Cooper

No Celtics? Allen’s list includes players who have burned him in the past, just as he has done to so many other teams during his career.

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Celtics lock up second seed

04.11.09 at 11:32 pm ET
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The Boston Celtics locked up the second seed in the Eastern Conference after the Orlando Magic lost to the New Jersey Nets on Saturday night. Not only did the Magic fall to the third spot, they also lost Hedo Turkoglu in the fourth quarter after he suffered a sprained ankle. They were already playing without Rashard Lewis (knee). The Celtics are 2.5 games ahead of the Magic and four behind the Cleveland Cavaliers, who they face on Sunday afternoon.

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Stock Up, Stock Down in 2009

04.11.09 at 5:56 pm ET
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Quick quiz. In April of 2008 Kevin Durant was, what?

A. A bust.

B. Way too thin to handle the rigors of the NBA, unfortunately, cause he was so much freaking fun to watch in college.

C. About to be named Rookie of the Year even though nobody really thought he had played all that well.

The answer is C, and if you ask people about Durant now, they will tell you that they would have taken him over Greg Oden (still not sure about that one myself) and that Durant might be the most important young player in the game (a different argument, but an interesting one). Point is, perceptions change in the NBA quickly and often from season to season.

With that in mind, here’s a look at who made a jump in 2008-09 and who took a hit in the Atlantic Division.


1. Doc Rivers (Celtics): I wrote about this earlier in the week, focusing on how the players view their coach. For these purposes it’s important to remember that even as late as the conference finals there were people who didn’t believe in Doc, like, at all. The criticisms were not without some merit and certainly Rivers had something to prove in the playoffs, but his work this season has been blessed by all corners of Celtics fandom.

2. Nate Robinson (New York): We can all agree that if Nate the Great were playing in Milwaukee and scoring
17 points a game off the bench he wouldn’t be getting profiled in major publications, or making Letterman appearances. But, whatever. He’s awesome to watch and in a normal year his restricted free agency would mean somebody would overpay to have him dunk on tall dudes. Not sure that’s going to happen in this economy, but the Knicks have gone from having fan pressure to sign restricted free agent David Lee to having fan pressure to sign David Lee and Nate Robinson. Wouldn’t have said that at the beginning of the year.

3. Devin Harris (New Jersey): From injury-prone complimentary guard to scoring machine All-Star. Would be higher if Nets had made the playoffs.

4. Mike D’Antoni (New York): He’s pretty much handled the New York media and the fans seem to be sold on what the Knicks are doing, which in turn buys he and Donnie Walsh some time to do whatever it is they will do by 2010. (You know how they say you can’t rebuild in New York because the fans won’t let you? It’s like Knicks fans are going out of their way to disprove that notion with this team).

At any rate, D’Antoni has received generally high marks and there is chatter in the stat-geek community that he’s not really the terrible defensive coach everyone makes him out to be. That’s good for now but even with all that if the wins don’t creep higher next year it won’t be long until the NY tabs are running Teflon D’an(toni) back pages.

5. Andre Miller (Philly): Miller has two things going for him as he heads into unrestricted free agency. He’s quietly putting together another highly efficient season and he’s also doing it at a time when people are starting to be less impressed with gaudy scoring numbers and looking deeper to value players. In uncertain times, Miller’s consistency is his greatest asset. You want to gamble or take a sure thing these days?


Stephon Marbury (seriously, but you’re not wrong for withholding judgment)

Rajon Rondo (on the cusp of national stardom)

Andre Iguodala (should be on the cusp of national stardom)

Andrea Bargnani (at least offensively)

Mareese Speights: (The under the radar stat geek rookie find of the year.)


1. Chris Bosh (Toronto): His numbers are about the same which makes this unfair, but remember, this is about perception and this has not been an easy season for a number of reasons. From the Raptors disappointing record to his 2010 free agency, plus the weird thing with Shaq and an off the court controversy, Bosh has seemed like the unhappiest 20 and 10 guy in the league.

If Toronto doesn’t make the right moves this summer get ready for a lot of, ‘What’s the matter with Chris Bosh?’ stories next season.

2. Everybody else in Toronto: The coach got fired a year and 17 games after winning Coach of the Year, the GM is taking on water and Shawn Marion hasn’t exactly set himself apart from the guy who played with Steve Nash in Phoenix. Just a bad year for the Raps. The most disappointing team in the NBA, especially when you consider Bosh and Jose Calderon had good years.

3. Elton Brand (Philly): It should have worked, and maybe it still will. From all indications the Sixers aren’t giving up on their prized free agent after a year in which he was hurt most of the year and ineffective when he did play. The Sixers played better without Brand, but that just meant that they were a 40-win or so team that won’t be favored to get out of the first round of the playoffs again. GM Ed Stefanski needs to see this play out next year, but this year? Not so much.

4. Lawrence Frank (New Jersey): There had been a lot of talk out of Jersey that Frank was in trouble, but that seems to have subsided a little bit. The question here is if everyone assumed that the Nets would be a 25-30 win team this season and it turns out that they are, why are people mad at the coach?

5. Eddy Curry (New York): Curry has gone from a wasted year on the court to a tragic figure off it. It’s so bad even Shaq is backing off. Curry’s at the point in his career where he has to decide if he wants to keep playing because the days of NBA teams wildly overpaying semi-decent big men large sums of money are probably over.

And some Celtics

It’s hard to pick on the Celtics for winning 60 games amidst all the injuries and there isn’t really anybody on the roster who has taken a dramatic step back this season, but Gabe Pruitt did not progress the way many people would have liked and first-round pick JR Giddens has been so far removed from Doc’s thought process that he’s whatever comes after afterthought. Patrick O’Bryant would count too, but he’s now the Raptors’ project.

Eastern Conference weekend guide

04.11.09 at 3:19 pm ET
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While the Boston Celtics-Cleveland Cavaliers battle is a must-watch on Sunday, there are several other games to keep an eye on this weekend that could impact postseason match ups:

Saturday, April 11

(3) Orlando Magic @ New Jersey Nets: 7:30pm EST

(7) Chicago Bulls vs. Charlotte Hornets: 8:30pm EST – WGN

(8) Detroit Pistons @ Indiana Pacers: 7:00pm EST – NBA TV

Sunday, April 12

(1) Cleveland Cavaliers vs. (2) Boston Celtics:  3:30pm EST – ABC

(5) Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks: 6:00pm EST

(6) Philadelphia 76ers @ Toronto Raptors: 6:30pm EST

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Sounds of the game… Big time Big Baby

04.10.09 at 11:53 pm ET
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Friday night, the Miami Heat learned what the Boston Celtics already knew, Glen Davis is a big man who can make a big difference in a game.

Sure Paul Pierce turned it on in the second half and scored 21 of his 28 points in the second half in Boston’s 105-98 win at TD Banknorth Garden. But you expect such offense from the Celtics captain who could wind up in the Hall of Fame someday.

But when second-year big man Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis goes off for 22 and takes a team-high 17 shots (making eight), you’re left with few options but to just shake your head. After all, Davis is the guy replacing All-World Kevin Garnett in the Green’s lineup.

‘€œWe want KG back, most definitely,” Davis said. “But, it’€™s all how you look at it. It gives me an opportunity to get the experience, get the minute under my belt so when I’€™m in playoff situations that, I know, I’€™ve been through this before and I know how this feels to hit a shot, to put us up. I know how it feels to make a defensive play, I know how it feels to execute when your supposed to execute. Read the rest of this entry »

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Celtics riding momentum to Cleveland

04.10.09 at 11:31 pm ET
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When the Boston Celtics arrived in Cleveland in January, they had just dropped their third consecutive game and were in the middle of their longest losing streak since last season. The following game, the Cavaliers blew them out by 15 points.

But thanks to a grind-it-out victory over the Miami Heat on Friday night in Boston, the Celtics are riding the momentum of a six-game winning streak into Sunday’s game in Cleveland. (Click here for a recap) They will try to make a dent in the Cavs’ four-game lead of the top spot, and while head coach Doc Rivers conceded the number one seed weeks ago, the Celtics are looking to build on their two-game lead over the Orlando Magic for the second spot.

‘€œEvery game is a big game for us,’€ said Paul Pierce. ‘€œWe’re trying to lock up the number two seed. I think Cleveland locked up the number one seed tonight, so we’re trying to lock up the number two seed. So every game is big for us. We’re only [two] games in front of Orlando, so these last three games we feel like we have to win them all.’€

With less than a week left in the regular season, the Celtics have to tackle Sunday’s game as if it were a Game Seven situation. The Cavaliers are sure to as they battle against the Los Angeles Lakers for the number one overall seed.

‘€œEverybody we play from here on out is basically trying to achieve something,’€ said Tony Allen. ‘€œSo each game is playoff-like. We’re going in there with a clear focus that we need to win just as badly as they do because they’re competing with L.A. We’ve got to take it as a must-win game that we need because we’ve got goals that we need to achieve too. It’s going to be a tough fight.’€

The Celtics will turn to their bench to help carry the team without Kevin Garnett. Friday’s win against the Heat was a confidence-booster for the reserves.

‘€œYou play a little looser. You play with a little more confidence,’€ said Mikki Moore of playing on a winning streak. ‘€œBut we just have to concentrate on the defensive end. We’re pretty sound on the offensive ends. As long as we don’t have too many turnovers and we play solid defense, we’re alright.’€

As for Ray Allen, he is simply looking forward to putting a blemish on the Cavaliers’ near-perfect 38-1 home record.

‘€œThey take care of what they have to take care of, we take care of what we have to take care of,’€ he said. ‘€œI think we know where we stand, but as a team it will be a great win on the road for us and that’s what we’re looking forward to.’€

The Celtics and Cavaliers will face off at 3:30pm EST on Easter Sunday.

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