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Take that Tim Donaghy

12.08.09 at 7:56 pm ET
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Celtics coach Doc Rivers fired back at disgraced former NBA referee Tim Donaghy prior to his team’s game with Milwaukee on Tuesday night.

Rivers was asked for his reaction to Donaghy’s claims on Dennis & Callahan on Tuesday that Rivers tried to intimidate younger NBA officials.

“I’ve been trying to get on younger players for a long time to persuade them to do things as well so I don’t know,” Rivers joked at first, before adding, “I’m so sick of that guy right now, I really am, for our league. I love our league and I hate what’s going on, that we’re giving a guy like that credibility.”

Donaghy ejected Rivers from a game back in April 2005. Rivers then lodged a complaint with the league, accusing Donaghy with personal bias against the Celtics coach.

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Baby could be trippin’

12.08.09 at 7:52 pm ET
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Tony Allen makes his 2009-10 season debut tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks after missing the first 20 games with a sore right ankle.

“I don’t know,” Doc Rivers said when asked what his expectations are for the defensive backcourt specialist. “Tony hasn’t played in so long. I’m looking for him not to do too much. Defensively is where we need help and need his help.”

Meanwhile, Rivers said Glen Davis is making progress in healing his right thumb, adding that Davis will “probably be on the trip,” referring to the team’s West Coast trip at the end of the month.

Rivers did not speculate as to his availability and whether he would be activated.

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Allen calls for accountability, communication with refs

12.08.09 at 7:30 pm ET
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Ray Allen isn’t looking for the star treatment.

Regardless of how long he has been in the league and how many milestones he has reached, he wants to be judged on the same level as everyone else. He believes the same should go for the rest of the NBA.

In the wake of former referee Tim Donaghy’s interview in which he said certain players were intentionally whistled more often than others, Allen believes the NBA needs to eliminate any biases among athletes, coaches, and officials.

“It’s unfortunate. It’s unfortunate because you play a game and sometimes you get a bad whistle, you’re trying to play defense, you’re trying to play offense, it’s unfortunate,” Allen said before the Celtics-Bucks game. “I think as a league we have to do whatever we can to make sure there aren’t any biases. Regardless of who’s on the floor, I know I’ve been in the league a long time but if I foul somebody, call it. If I don’t, it’s not a foul. So it’s a tough job the referees have because refereeing is perspective so having three referees out there, they have to make sure they see it and sometimes they don’t, and not give them the benefit of the doubt all the time.”

Just as players are called for fouls, Allen believes officials should be held accountable for their infractions. The refs, he says, can impact a game just like the players themselves.

“I think more so that the referees should be held more accountable so you know at least if a referee makes a bad call or does something to decide a game or has a player sitting on the bench and it’s a bad call, just the same as us. We play bad, we get benched or you get fined for technical fouls, I think the same because the referees are part of the game very much,” he said. “There are a lot of great referees out there that make great livings. This is not a game about us as players. As much as people want to see the players, the referees are in the game and we always say let’s not do anything to allow them to affect the game by making the call that could go either way. But referees, they’re part of the game and I think if they make a call to affect it, they should be held accountable.

But Allen is not claiming the situation lies solely on the referees. He points to better communication as the first step in eliminating biases. While he says the refs don’t always want to consider to his reaction to a call, he realizes there is more players can do to help the situation.

“It’s tough at time when the referees, they don’t want to listen to you, they don’t want to hear you so the game I don’t think can get better when we’re out there on the floor and we can’t speak to the referees,” he said. “Honestly as players, we have to do a better job of approaching them and making a good working relationship. But that’s all I ask. Again, as players we’ve got to do a better job because if a referee misses a call, I hope he doesn’t mean to do it on purpose, but we’ve got to make sure we hold him accountable as we are held accountable as well.”

Celtics-Bucks preview

12.08.09 at 11:48 am ET
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Fresh off their four-game road trip, the Celtics entertain the Milwaukee Bucks tonight at the TD Garden in a game featuring two teams heading in opposite directions. The Celtics swept their road trip and have won seven straight, while Milwaukee has dropped seven of its last eight after starting the season 8-3.

CELTICS (16-4, 8-2 last 10)

Points per game: 100.1

Offensive Rating: 109.4 (8th in NBA)

Points allowed: 90.6

Defensive Rating: 99.1 (1st)

Pace: 90.9 (26th)

Likely Starters

G Rajon Rondo

G Ray Allen

F Paul Pierce

F Kevin Garnett

C Kendrick Perkins

BUCKS (9-10, 3-7 last 10)

Points per game: 98.3

Offensive Rating: 103.4 (24th)

Points allowed: 98.3

Defensive Rating: 103.5 (8th)

Pace: 94.0 (9th)

Likely Starters

G Brandon Jennings

G Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

F Carlos Delfino

F Ersan Ilyasova

C Andrew Bogut

Key matchup: Rondo vs. Jennings. The Bucks offense revolves around its rookie guard, particularly with Michael Redd battling a knee injury. Jennings is far and away Milwaukee’s most dominant player, using almost 30 percent of the team’s possessions. The key for Rondo will be to try to keep Jennings in front of him and to challenge his 3-point shot on high pick and rolls. Jennings is in a shooting slump, but he is still shooting 3-pointers at a rate of almost 45 percent.

Milwaukee in a paragraph: Despite their recent struggles, the Bucks have been one of the surprise teams in the Eastern Conference this season. General manager John Hammond began the process of breaking up a team that was over the luxury tax but not producing wins on the court by cutting ties with Charlie Villanueva and Ramon Sessions in the offseason. He will have to wait out the contracts of Redd, Charlie Bell and Dan Gadzuric before making any more drastic changes, but he hit a home run with the selection of Jennings, and coach Scott Skiles knows how to coach competitive defensive-minded teams.

Boston in a paragraph: The Celtics are rolling, but Marquis Daniels is expected to miss time with a wrist injury. That could allow for Tony Allen to make his season debut tonight. If there is a concern for the Celtics it has been their play at home, where they are 7-3 and have been plagued by slow starts in recent games.

What to watch for: This is the Celtics’ only home game before they head out on a three-game road swing. The only piece of unfinished business for them is to earn a convincing win at home. A reeling Bucks team should provide that opportunity.

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Tim Donaghy on D&C, 12/8

12.08.09 at 11:02 am ET
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Disgraced former NBA referee Tim Donaghy was a guest on the Dennis & Callahan show Tuesday morning and talked to the hosts about his method of betting NBA games, whether he thinks NBA players gamble on games (he does), why Rasheed Wallace is so hated by NBA refs and his problems with Doc Rivers.

This book seems like a story about a referee gone bad as much as it is an indictment on the lack of neutrality, integrity and fair competition in the NBA. Is that fair to say?

I think it’s fair to say that there are biases that took place and relationships that allowed me to place winning bets on NBA games.

We’ll get into that, but before we do that, you knew what you were doing was wrong. Your former partner James Battista described you as someone who couldn’t bet successfully on college and pro football, but could on the NBA based on your inside knowledge. Was there a moment where you decided that you would step over the line and bet on games that you were officiating?

Obviously, first of all, I didn’t get into betting on NBA games because I was in a big hole that I needed to climb out. I think it was a situation where over the years I realized that over the years these things were predictable and it was easy for me to place these bets on games knowing that I was going to have a high success rate placing winning bets.

Do you remember the night that you placed your first bet? There had to be a jumping off point where you thought, ‘I know this is wrong. I know I can get into a lot of trouble.’ Do you remember that moment in time?

Yeah I do. It was a situation where I was sitting at a country club with a friend. He had a Philadelphia Daily News and he made a comment to me that, basically, do you know who’s going to win these games? I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to say yes. I knew who was refereeing one particular game that night. There was a large point spread and I knew the habits of one particular referee and I told him to bet this game.

That was Dick Bavetta right?

That’s correct.

When you say you know the habits of referees, whether it’s Dick Bavetta specifically or others, tell us what it is you know that allowed you to predict the outcome before the game is tossed in the air?

It wasn’t every night and every game that we bet. But there were relationships that existed, both positive and negative, and I used those relationships to make up my own line on NBA games. I would compare that line to what was in the newspaper and if there was a difference of four or five points I would tell them to bet the game.

What players were on the [negative] list?

There was Allen Iverson, Rasheed Wallace. Sometimes it had to with an owner. Maybe Mark Cuban [Dallas] or Robert Sarver [Phoenix]. There were situations where I knew personal biases would come into play. Read the rest of this entry »

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Donaghy to Appear on Dennis & Callahan

12.07.09 at 11:29 pm ET
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Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy is scheduled to appear with Dennis & Callahan on Tuesday at 9am. Donaghy was recently released from federal prison after being convicted in a betting scandal. He recently told “60 Minutes” that he did not make calls to affect the outcome of NBA games.

Celtics Injury Update on Daniels, Allen

12.06.09 at 3:51 pm ET
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WALTHAM — Marquis Daniels is expected to miss Tuesday’s game against the Bucks while Tony Allen is expected to play.

Daniels has been battling a left  thumb injury since the November 14 game against the Pacers. He has played with his hand wrapped in tape and has packed it in ice after games. Daniels felt improvement but suffered a setback during practice on Sunday.

“He told me today that he thought it was getting close and then somebody slapped it and it went right back to where it was at at the beginning. And to me, you’ve got to let him take a break,” said Doc Rivers, also noting, “He could play, but my feeling is if it’s going to get worse, let’s sit him out. I don’t know how long. Let’s just see how it goes.”

Rivers is hesitant to announce Allen’s return to the court. The guard underwent right ankle surgery in June and has not played since an October 9 preseason game against the Knicks. Allen has suffered a series of setbacks during his career, most noticeably an ACL/MCL injury in 2007.

Rivers was encouraged that Allen finished practice on Sunday, but that does not necessarily mean he will be cleared to play. He will participate in individual practices on Monday and be evaluated after that.

“He’s done it [finished practice] a couple of other times, and that’s why I’m cautious because the other times, the next day has been the problem. So we’ll find out tomorrow how he feels,” said Rivers.

Allen nabbed a steal and connected on a slam dunk during practice. Rivers encourages Allen to jam, the same way he injured his left knee, to build up his confidence.

“I want him [to]. I think it’s good for him,” he said. “I think he has to do those things. If you’re not going to do it in practice, you’re not going to do it in a game.”

As for Allen, he is ready to get back on the court.

“I”ve been excited ever since the day I got cleared to play,” he said after practice. “Just watching the games, I get excited. Like I said, it’s just a building experience for me with this obstacle that hit me with the ankle injury, but I’m going to get through it. I ain’t looking back.”

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