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The Celtics Schedule: November

10.03.08 at 4:20 pm ET

Welcome to the blog. I’ll be checking in with the C’s on Wednesday when they play the Sixers out at U-Mass, so to fill the gap, let’s take a look at the first month of the real schedule. After opening the NBA season in prime time against the Cavs on Oct. 26, the Celtics are scheduled to have six back-to-backs and four three-in-four game stretches. That’s arduous, but not impossible.

Interestingly, two of their three games with the Pistons are set for November (Nov. 9 at the Palace, and Nov. 20 at the Garden), and they don’t meet again until March. There are also two games with Toronto, one with Atlanta, and one with what should be a much-improved Philly team.

Two other games of note: On. Nov. 5, the C’s go to Oklahoma City to play the Clay Bennett’s. I’ll be curious to see how fans in other cities react to the (ugh) Thunder, after the franchise was shamelessly stolen from the good people of Seattle.

Years ago, in another lifetime, I spent a decent amount of time in the city of Olympia, home of Evergreen State College. A friend of mine was finishing up her degree in, I kid you not, touring with Phish. We stopped off in a grimy pizza shop decorated with posters of the late 70’s Sonic teams. You haven’t lived until you’ve enjoyed a slice under a life-size cutout of Jack Sikma.

The Sonics were Seattle. In the criminally underrated Gen-X classic, Singles there’s a memorable scene when Steve Dunne and Linda Stevens are getting it on for the first time. Linda dreamily asks Steve, “What are you thinking about right now? ” Steve, of course, is thinking about Xavier McDaniel who advises him on his next bedroom move. Now that’s having a connection with your team.

The other interesting matchup is a trip to the Target Center to play the Timberwolves on Nov. 21. You probably recall that Kevin Garnett was injured during last year’s trip to ‘Sota. Garnett received a hero’s welcome, but then, he wasn’t in uniform. It’s probably best for KG’s sanity to get this one out of the way early.

The November breakdown:

18 Games (counting two in October)

10 Home/8 Away

8 games against playoff teams including rematches with Atlanta, Cleveland, and Detroit

4 National Telecasts, two on ESPN, two on TNT

Longest Road Trip: Nov. 1-5 (Indiana, Houston, OKC)

Longest Homestand: Nov. 10-14 (Toronto, Atlanta, Denver)

Toughest Week: Nov. 9-15 (Road games at Detroit and Milwaukee on both ends of the homestand)

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