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Celtics? We’re playing the Celtics?

Check back regularly tonight for updates as the Boston Celtics [1] take on the New York Knicks [2] at the TD BankNorth Garden [3]

It’s nearly impossible to avoid the 2008 World Champion signs plastered around the Garden. But somehow Knicks head coach Mike D’Antonio was able to block that all out. He has tunnel vision for one team and one team only … even if he is going up against the defending champs.

“None. It’s preseason,” D’Antoni said of the significance of playing the Celtics. “It’s significant if we played the Nets [4], which we will be on Monday, if it was Philadelphia it’d be significant. It’s significant because we’re worried about the Knicks.”

Tonight’s game is more about getting Eddy Curry [5] adjusted to the system and building chemistry among the players than it is about shutting down Kevin Garnett [6] and upsetting the Celtics at home.

“Boston’s the best team out there ‘€“ I can’t help that one,” D’Antoni said. “But we can worry about the Knicks and that’s what we’ll do in preseason.”