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10.19.08 at 12:30 pm ET

Because that’s just the kind of aggressive media start-up that we are, we’re tag teaming this afternoon’s huge preseason game. Be sure to check out my colleague Jessica Camerato’s blog.

After today there is only one more exhibition game left before the season starts next Tuesday. That means time is running out for some of the youngsters to make an impression on Doc Rivers and the staff. We’ll be keeping an eye on Gabe Pruitt, specifically, who is starting for Rajon Rondo.

We’ll also be watching the Nets with a bit of interest today. They’ve assembled a bit of a quirky roster with some youth but also some solid veteran role-players like Eduardo Najera and Bobby Simmons. Those are the kind of players rebuilding teams forget to include sometimes. They are the kind of players who can dole out life lessons, and more importantly, show the proper way to make a defensive rotation.

Doc expects the Nets to be a pain in the ass kind of team this year, and while he didn’t say it, the parallels to his old Orlando team seem pretty strong: A star scorer, plus promising youth, plus veterans who don’t put up with any crap and you might have a team that sneaks into the playoffs.

Tip-off is coming soon. Thanks for spending part of your Sunday with us.

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