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Halloween at the Garden

10.31.08 at 6:55 pm ET
You knew there'd be at least one in the crowd

You knew there'd be at least one in the crowd

Fans are showing their creative side on Halloween at the Garden. Although there aren’t as many out in costume as I anticipated, those who did dress up have been hamming it up on the Jumbotron. There are the run-of-the-mill cowboys, scarecrows, and prisoners. There are also a few political impersonators. My vote for best costume was going to go to the Jackie Moon look-alike from “Semi Pro,” who sported an uncomfortably tight t-shirt and matching wig. But I changed my mind I saw the tribute to Gino in the balcony. Not only were they rocking the infamous shirt and beard, the also had the slow hip shimmy down to a science.

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