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Celtics-Bucks Game Blog Third Quarter

11.07.08 at 6:56 pm ET

And we’re back. The Celtics turned it up in the second quarter and come out of the break with a 55-47 lead, but that’s not the big news here at the Garden. The big news is the presence of the Grateful Dead, or at least what’s rest of the Dead.

Fans of a certain age will remember that the Dead used to hang out with the C’s quite a bit in the Bill Walton days. On with the show, while we shake it, shake it, Sugaree…

— We got us a ballgame tonight friends. 75-70 Celtics at the end of 3. Tough, physical atmosphere tonight. Looks like Skiles is bringing his personality to the Bucks who were not known as the toughest bunch, to say the least. By the way, the next Sidney Moncrief has 0 points in 10 minutes. We’ll have more after the game in the blog. Over to you, Jess.

— Joe Forte just banged Perk, who is on the bench, with a technical. This is a very physical game tonight. Now Forte’s got Baby for a foul away from the ball. He is not making friends tonight. And yes, Doc is giving him the business. Forte is not responding at all. Cold.

— Ridnour just snap-passed the ball over Jefferson’s head. That’s the second time the Bucks have done that tonight, a sure sign that they are not used to playing with each other.

— Bogut nearly decapitated Pierce. 4 fouls on him.

— Ray just missed a wide-open 3. The watch continues.

— And so saying, KG just gave a weak foul on a Charlie Villanueva lay-up. Very un-KG like.

— Perk just got his fourth, but it was a good foul. He crashed Ramon Sessions hard when he was going in for a lay-up. Sessions made both, but in general “No lay-ups” is a pretty good mantra. It’s nice if the other team misses free throws, but it’s more psychological. When you are known as a team that doesn’t give up easy layups, other teams take note and go to the basket a tad more gingerly, as it were.

By the way, the best in the business at giving hard fouls without starting a riot is/was PJ Brown. He’s the master.

— Deep Thought III: Country music has no place in an NBA arena.

— Timeout update: C’s are up 65-59. They are 2-for-9 to start the quarter, while the Bucks are 6-for-11. Very strange indeed.

— Deep Thought: When he wants to, Richard Jefferson can really ball.

Deep Thought II: Awesome, Wes Unseld-like pick by KG on Charlie Bell.

— Rondo’s back after Eddie knocked down a 3. I think we can add slow starts at the beginning of the half to the list of Things to Watch, along with free-throw shooting.

— Slow start to the second half, and I have to ask. On the previous possession, Bogut was double-teaming KG who did not have the ball. What, exactly, is illegal defense these days?

— Bobby Weir isn’t the only big name in the house. BoMag marketing maven Kate Brier is also in attendance. There’s your shout-out Kate.

Eddie House is in quickly for Rajon Rondo who did… something. Not sure what yet. He’s talking to the trainer.

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