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Celtics-Nuggets Game Blog: First Quarter

11.14.08 at 6:04 pm ET

We are live and courtside for tonight’s game between the Celtics and Nuggets. Is everyone still a little wrung out from the Comeback on Monday and the Epic on Wednesday? We’ll see how strong the Celtics legs are, but then, they seem to have an extra gear in the fourth quarter so we promise not to write them off too early if it’s not there at the beginning.

They are playing up the highlights from the Hawks game in the pregame intros, by the way. Game of the Year candidate if ever there was one. Click inside for all the live-ish goodness.

— FIRST QUARTER WRAP: Celtics up 29-23 and George Karl’s worst nightmare is coming true. Call it the revenge of Ray Allen, who has gone off for 18 points on 6-for-7 shooting. If every player who has had a disagreement with George played as well as Ray does, the Nuggets would never win a game.

Other than that, 7 turnovers are obviously way too many and the Nuggs are shooting 46 percent in the first half. Let’s see how the bench does with an actual lead for a change. Over to you Jess

— And so Kenyon Martin says screw you Flannery. I can still finish chump. Duly noted.

— That was a Trent Tucker second on the shot clock right there. Look it up, kids.

Patrick O’Bryant is in uniform tonight for those of you keep tracking on the great 12th Man Watch.

— Weakside rebounding anyone? On an unrelated note, Kenyon Martin just can not finish anymore.

— First quarter score in Indiana between the Sixers and Pacers? 38-13 Indy. The Sixers have come back, but my Philly spies tell me the people are already restless with the Sixers slow start (on the season, not the game obviously).

— Good call coming out of the timeout by Doc to get Ray Allen an open look. Doc is very good at that. Karl’s pregame worry that Allen would bust out? How does 4-for-4 for nine points sound?

— That was a sudden turn of events. 13-13 at the 6-minute timeout. The culprit? Six, count ’em six, turnovers for the Celtics so far. When they’re not throwing the ball away, the C’s are getting easy shots. Quite a contrast from the Atlanta game, and even the Toronto game, which were just blood and guts affairs from start to finish. I will not even try to argue that the East is better than the West (it’s not) but I’m starting to think that there is a little more depth in the East than there has been in past years.

— Classy move by Chauncey to help Rondo back up. Every time I see him I can’t help but remember Rick Pitino’s comment: He’ll never be a point guard. Never have I been so wrong about a coach– with the possible exception of the short-lived Terry Stotts era in Atlanta

— The Celtics can do whatever they want against Enver. No D.

Yes, I know it’s an old joke.

— Pierce is still hot. He just buried a 3 right in Melo’s grill. George Karl was praising Carmelo’s attention to defense before the game, by the way. Hey a 6-0 lead. It is possible.

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