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Celtics-Pistons Game Blog: Third Quarter

Some interesting things to watch in the second half. As Jess pointed out, although no one’s been able to pin down the exact nature of it, there appears to be some sort of ill feeling between former UConn-ers Ray Allen [1] and Rip Hamilton (Ray started wearing the sleeve last year because he said Rip was scratching him). Add to that the little Kendrick Perkins-Jason Maxiell shoving match, the usual (clean) fun between Kevin Garnett [2] and Rasheed Wallace [3], and two of the fastest players in the game in Rajon Rondo [4] and Allen Iverson [5], and we’ve got a big game with all kinds of fun personal matchups.

Before the game, Ray Allen was saying that the Celtics [6] fully expect to see Detroit in the playoffs again this spring. Don’t think for a second that Detroit wants to go down 0-2 in the season series (funny how this rivalry completely flipped in one year from the C’s being the hunters to the hunted, isn’t it?)


THIRD QUARTER WRAP: Great quarter for the Celtics, possibly the best effort by the starters as a unit so far this year, specially considering the opponent. Rondo was the key with nine points and four assists, but everyone did their thing. The defense was good too, holding Detroit to 6-for-16 shooting in the quarter.

Now the bench needs to hold the fort, something they didn’t do very well in the fourth against the Knicks. Also, Rondo got his fourth foul just before the end of the quarter, which will keep him out for a stretch. Back to you, Jess.

— Refs have been very consistent tonight, letting both teams play for the most part. Flannery’s Law will kick in any minute now and we’ll see a parade of calls.

— Can you name the Seven Dwarves? That’s the JumboTron question during the timeout. Jess nailed it right away, for the record.

— Rondo is putting on a clinic tonight. He can go anywhere he wants with the ball and he’s putting tremendous pressure on the Pistons’ bigs. He drew two fouls on Kwame Brown [7] easily. Rondo also knocked Iverson to the bench. Stuckey is on him now. (KG has his 20-footer going now too. This looks so much more like the Celtics of last year than at any time this season).

— Pierce missed that 3, but that was vintage ball-movement on that last possession. Haven’t seen that this much this year.

— Some terrible Jumbotron dancing right there. Turrible as Charles Barkley [8] would say.

— Great, not good, great pass by Rondo to Ray Allen to get that fastbreak going. Rondo had about three inches to spare on his angle and threaded the needle perfectly.

— Odd stat: There were exactly three offensive rebounds in the first half. Not sure what that means, exactly, except that both teams do a decent job defending the glass and both get back on defense rather than crash the offensive boards. As always, as soon as I type that out, KG gets an offensive board.