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Celtics-Warriors Game Blog: First Quarter

11.26.08 at 5:41 pm ET

We are live from the Garden for tonight’s game between the Celtics and the Warriors. It’s always a little strange when teams like Golden State come to town for their annual visit. Except for that magical mini-run the Warriors enjoyed a few years ago when they beat Dallas in the playoffs there hasn’t been a whole lot to talk about or get excited about with the Warriors. What was the last memorable Golden State team? The Run-TMC crew? They kind of exist in this strange nether-world.

Anyway, Golden State suffered a huge loss when Monta Ellis hurt himself in the offseason. The recent addition of Jamal Crawford may help in that regard, but it will also probably take time for him to absorb Nellie-ball in all its glory.

If you’re not up on Andrinis Bierdrins you should be. He is second in the league in rebounding behind Dwight Howard and averaging better than 16 points and 13 boards. He’ll be a handful tonight. On with the show, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

FIRST QUARTER WRAP: Some numbers after a dizzy first quarter: The Celtics got up 23 shots and made 13, while Golden State is 12-for-24. We’re off our 200-shot pace, but not by much. Only six turnovers, and only two by the Celtics, which is encouraging for them. Garnett is destroying the kids Golden State has on him, Wright and Randolph to the tune of 10 points, four rebounds and four fouls on them. Take it Jess, I need a break.

Game blog note: After careful consideration I’m going to do these posts in chronological order rather than having the most recent ones at the top. Just thought you should know.

Kendrick Perkins has Biedrinis defensively, which fits with the Celtics pattern of having him matchup with the other team’s center. Young Brandan Wright has Kevin Garnett, which should be interesting.

Stephen Jackson has no conscience, which kind of makes me love him a little bit. He was talking smack after scoring on Ray Allen, so much smack that he forgot to cover Ray on the other end… and Ray drained a 3-pointer.

— This game is going to be all kinds of fun if the first five minutes are any indication. Anthony Randolph, the impossibly skinny rook from LSU was talking junk to KG on that drive to the basket. Even Garnett was kind of caught off guard by that.

— There have been 25 shots combined in the first six minutes, which would mean a total of 200 if this keeps up (quick math for you there). That’s like, ABA-pace. Where’s Johnny Neumann these days anyway?

— I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure KG just smiled when he got the ball in the post and realized the Warriors were singling him up.

— Whew, I needed that timeout. There’s no way these two teams can keep this pace up, right? Right? Something compels me to point out that Jack Nies is one of the refs tonight, and when I think of Jack Nies I of course think of the first season of The Real World, which starred his kid, Eric. I was a senior in high school when that show came out. That takes me back.

— Sometimes you have to forget about structure and all that and just appreciate how much fun the game of professional basketball can be. Tonight is one of those nights. Oddly, there have only been 11 fast-break points so far. Sure, there are defensive breakdowns galore out there, but there’s also been some ridiculous shot-making and great one-on-one play. I’m sure it’s killing Thibodeau, though.

— Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph both have two fouls if you’re keeping track, which brings in Rob Kurz, which is kind of amazing in that I covered him in high school and not once did I think, well there’s a future pro. (Which is not to say that he wasn’t a stud then either.)

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