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Celtics-Magic Game Blog: Second Quarter

12.01.08 at 6:16 pm ET

At the half … Celtics 48, Magic 46

Despite their injuries the Magic played fully loaded in the second quarter. Rashard Lewis has 18 points in the half while Dwight Howard and Tony Battie have combined for 13 rebounds. The Celtics are making it hard on themselves by sending the Magic to the free throw line. Take a look:

Celtics: 5/5 FT
Magic: 11/17 FT

Pierce is on the bench with three fouls, Perkins and Powe both have two. More after halftime …

– The Celtics have a game on their hands and aren’t doing themselves any favors by fouling the Magic. Lewis had the hot hand and now his teammates are picking up the pace as well. The excitement has slowly been evaporating from the air at the Garden. Even the “Let’s go Celtics” cheers are barely audible.

– There’s that dunk from Howard.

– Sam Cassell was ejected from the bench for arguing a foul called on Kendrick Perkins. He still has yet to play a minute this season.

Tony Allen returns to the game with five minutes to go. Just in time to sub in for Pierce, who has picked up three quick fouls.

– During a timeout Dwight Howard jumped him and grabbed the rim. We haven’t seen much of that tonight and it’s basically inevitable that he’ll throw one down before the game is over.

– The Magic are finally getting the idea and attacking the hoop. They’ve scored six points in the paint in four minutes, doubling their total from the first 15 minutes.

– Tony Allen left the game with a right ankle sprain. He is expected to return.

– Scal checked into the game at the eight minute mark. Ten seconds have gone by and so far no “Scal-a-bri-ne” chants. I don’t want to jinx it but this is astonishing.

– The Magic have Dwight Howard (6’11), Tony Battie (6’11), and Hedo Turkoglu (6’10) on the court and yet they’ve only scored six points in the paint three minutes into the second quarter. Both Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins are on the bench but the Magic still aren’t attacking the paint.

– Redick nails a three and Eddie drains one right after. Redick may have been the man in college but House isn’t letting him steal the spotlight in the Garden.

– J.J. Redick just clocked his tenth minute of the game. This is the most time I’ve seen him play since he was a Blue Devil. The difference is he’s met with boos here whereas he gets a hero’s welcome in Orlando.

– As Paul pointed out in the first quarter, tensions are running high in this game. The undermanned Magic are trying to compensate for the absence of three players by being pesky under the basket in an effort to get under the Celtics skin.

At the start of the second quarter … Celtics 28, Magic 18

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