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Celtics-Pacers Game Blog: Third Quarter

12.03.08 at 6:54 pm ET

Interesting half for the Celtics who put up 57 points on 48 percent shooting and had three players–Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett score in double figures. The only problem is that they allowed the Pacers to score 51, not exactly vintage Celtics D right there.

What will the second half have in store? Let’s take that journey together, shall we…

THIRD QUARTER WRAP: I need to consult a thesaurus to find another way to say, “Absolute domination.” Crush job, maybe? The Celtics came into the quarter holding six, and leave with a 14-point edge. In truth, it wasn’t that close. Jarrett Jack sank a 3 at the buzzer to make it somewhat respectable. That said, 12 minutes is a long time and the bench is shorthanded. I’m quite sure Doc would like to give the starters a nice long rest with Portland coming up on Friday.

All yours Jess…

Troy Murphy shoots a decent percentage from 3-point range, but his shot sure isn’t as pretty as immortal gunner Brad Lohaus, who was described thusly: Wandered into the lane once. Was asked for ID by his teammates.

— While reminiscing about Lohaus, I completely missed that Rondo had messed around and got a triple double. Thanks Jeebus that Jess is here to keep me focused.

— The Celtics offense is a thing of beauty tonight. Aside from Paul Pierce (who is 1-for-7), the other Celtic starters are shooting a combined 23-for-35 with 15 assists.

— Murphy just got Rondo’d. Rajon is dusting TJ Ford, who is not exactly slow, every time down the court.

— Rasho had Rondo on the low box…. and passed it out to Ford for a 3-pointer. In keeping with team policy tonight, Ford clanked it off the rim.

— I’m not sure what KG just said after blocking Jeff Foster’s shot, but I’d be willing to bet it wasn’t FCC-approved.

— Garnett has a double-double and Perkins is one rebound shy of joining him. This is complete domination tonight sports fans.

— And Perkins just joined him.

–Let’s give Pierce some credit here. He is not having a great night, just 1-for-9 from the floor, but he hasn’t really forced things too much and he has played aggressive defense on Danny Granger.

— They’re showing a Blues Brothers clip on the JumboTron during the timeout. Rather incredibly Jeff Howe from the Metro says that he doesn’t think he’s ever seen the flick. Blasphemy.

— Give a guy credit and he throws up an airball. The Flannery blog curse continues.

— I thought Hibbert was going to decapitate Perkins. As the great Robin Ficker once yelled at another Georgetown center, Patrick Ewing, “You’re not playing Hawaii-Leo tonight.”

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