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Celtics-Pacers Game Blog: Third Quarter

Interesting half for the Celtics [1] who put up 57 points on 48 percent shooting and had three players–Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo [2] and Kevin Garnett [3] score in double figures. The only problem is that they allowed the Pacers to score 51, not exactly vintage Celtics D right there.

What will the second half have in store? Let’s take that journey together, shall we…

THIRD QUARTER WRAP: I need to consult a thesaurus to find another way to say, “Absolute domination.” Crush job, maybe? The Celtics came into the quarter holding six, and leave with a 14-point edge. In truth, it wasn’t that close. Jarrett Jack [4] sank a 3 at the buzzer to make it somewhat respectable. That said, 12 minutes is a long time and the bench is shorthanded. I’m quite sure Doc would like to give the starters a nice long rest with Portland coming up on Friday.

All yours Jess…

Troy Murphy [5] shoots a decent percentage from 3-point range, but his shot sure isn’t as pretty as immortal gunner Brad Lohaus, who was described thusly: Wandered into the lane once. Was asked for ID by his teammates.

— While reminiscing about Lohaus, I completely missed that Rondo had messed around and got a triple double. Thanks Jeebus that Jess is here to keep me focused.

— The Celtics offense is a thing of beauty tonight. Aside from Paul Pierce [6] (who is 1-for-7), the other Celtic starters are shooting a combined 23-for-35 with 15 assists.

— Murphy just got Rondo’d. Rajon is dusting TJ Ford, who is not exactly slow, every time down the court.

— Rasho had Rondo on the low box…. and passed it out to Ford for a 3-pointer. In keeping with team policy tonight, Ford clanked it off the rim.

— I’m not sure what KG just said after blocking Jeff Foster’s shot, but I’d be willing to bet it wasn’t FCC-approved.

— Garnett has a double-double and Perkins is one rebound shy of joining him. This is complete domination tonight sports fans.

— And Perkins just joined him.

–Let’s give Pierce some credit here. He is not having a great night, just 1-for-9 from the floor, but he hasn’t really forced things too much and he has played aggressive defense on Danny Granger [7].

— They’re showing a Blues Brothers clip on the JumboTron during the timeout. Rather incredibly Jeff Howe from the Metro says that he doesn’t think he’s ever seen the flick. Blasphemy.

— Give a guy credit and he throws up an airball. The Flannery blog curse continues.

— I thought Hibbert was going to decapitate Perkins. As the great Robin Ficker once yelled at another Georgetown center, Patrick Ewing [8], “You’re not playing Hawaii-Leo tonight.”