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Celtics-Trail Blazers Game Day Blog: Fourth Quarter

This final quarter should be a showcase of the reserves. Entering the final 12 up by 25, there’s no use for Doc Rivers [1] to exhaust the starters. Ray Allen [2] is still on the court for a least a few more minutes with Scal, Leon Powe [3], Eddie House [4], and Glen Davis [5]. LaMarcus Aldridge, Joel Przybilla [6], Travis Outlaw [7], Sergio Rodriguez, and Rudy Fernandez are playing for the Trail Blazers.

– With seven minutes to go in the game, it’s important to point out that Greg Oden [8] has 4 points and has not scored since a slam dunk at 5:42 in the first quarter.

– So much for rest. The Trail Blazers cut the lead to 13 and all of the Celtics [9] starters are going back in. KG called them into a huddle during a timeout and Tony Allen [10] pulled Ray aside for a moment. There’s a video set to “In the Air Tonight,” Garnett’s favorite song, and he’s bouncing to the music while Perk and Ray look up at the Jumbotron.

– Vegas Summer League MVP Jerryd Bayless is on the court for the Trail Blazers. The rookie may not see a lot of minutes this season but his summer performance is definitely worth taking a look at [11].

– Oden fouled out. The crowd is on his feet taunting him like he did something wrong to the Celtics. Let’s just remember that Oden was a piece of their championship run.

– In lieu of Scalabrine a Donnie Wahlberg chant has randomly been started. Welcome back.

– Crowd’s clearing out with 1:30 left.