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Scal’s New Pals

12.05.08 at 10:16 pm ET

‘€œI hope he doesn’t think we’re making fun of him,’€ the man in the bright orange wig said. ‘€œWe’re actually rooting for him. From what I hear, he takes it the wrong way.’€

Jamie and Liz are two of Brian Scalabrine’s biggest fans. On Friday night the couple drove down from Portland, Maine to catch their favorite Boston Celtic in action against the Portland Trail Blazers.

‘€œWe’re trying to start a fan club for Brian Scalabrine,’€ Jamie said. ‘€œHe’s the underdog, we love him.’€

Scal’s Pals was inspired by Sal’s Pals, baseball player Sal Fasano’s fan club. It was Jamie who first became a fan of Scal — ‘€œPretty much since he came to Boston, I would say’€ — and his appreciation had an infectious impact on his girlfriend.

‘€œI started dating Jamie about a year ago and he got me into the Celtics,’€ Liz said. ‘€œWe’ve been Scal’s Pals ever since.’€

The couple chose to express their enthusiasm by transforming into red-heads for the evening.

‘€œNo this is all real,’€ Jamie tried to pass off as the truth. ‘€œI just got a bad haircut.’€

Liz and Jamie hope their cheering isn’t misinterpreted as mocking. True, there are those who chant ‘€œScal-a-bri-ne’€ as an instigation but it’s all love coming from these two.

‘€œAbsolutely,’€ Jamie said of cheering. ‘€œBut that’s in respect. (Pauses) That’s not, that’s not to make fun of him.’€

So what would the pair say if they ever met Scal?

‘€œI’d say, Boston loves you,’€ said Jamie.

Liz quickly added, ‘€œI’d say, Maine loves you.’€

A Message from Scal: ‘€œI want to thank all the people out there, especially the Scal’s Pals. Listen to 107.3 at 8 o’clock on Monday morning. I’m going to be hosting a show. Tell them to call in and talk to Scal themselves.’€

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