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Celtics-Hornets Game Blog: First Quarter

We are live at the Garden for tonight’s game between the Celtics [1] and the New Orleans Hornets [2]. As I type, James Posey [3] is getting his championship ring and huge applause. Doc Rivers [4] just said a few nice things and the players came out at center court to greet Pose.

Truly a nice moment.

Ok, on to tonight’s game where there are subplots galore. Who will prevail in the Rajon Rondo [5] Chris Paul [6] matchup. Will Hilton Armstrong be able to hold down the middle with Tyson Chandler [7] out? Will the Celtics be able to match the 1985-86 team with their 14th straight win?

Let’s find out together, shall we…

–FIRST QUARTER WRAP: Very strange quarter to get things started tonight. The Celtics shot 37 percent. The Hornets shot 47. Yet they are tied, 21-21. Seven turnovers for the Celtics as well. The Hornets’ bench has been a disaster lately so keep an eye on that. If Byron Scott goes to newly-acquired Antonio Daniels, that’s a sign he is not happy, by the way.

Take it away, Jess [8].

— Those Hornets uniforms are hideous. Just sayin’

— Slow start as the C’s are 1-for-7 from the floor. And as I type, they scored two quick baskets. Did you see Rondo go in for he dunk instead of the layup? Don’t tell me he doesn’t know this game is on ESPN and that Chris Paul is on the other side.

— This was Doc on the Rondo-CP3 matchup: “I’m just glad they’re calling it a matchup this year. That shows you far (Rondo’s) come.”

— I can’t get over how hideous those Hornets uniforms are. Wow, they’re ugly. Almost as ugly as the C’s 4-for-13 start from the floor. They should be able to score down low all night without Chandler in there. Like that.

— Rondo was going to get that second foul one way or another. Eddie’s in with 4:18 to play. Let’s see if Paul tries to make a move without Rondo in the game.

— Six turnovers for the Celtics so far. The one problem they have when they try to go inside is they sometimes get bogged down offensively. The Celtics are so much better when they just play, rather than try to do something specific. Strange? A little, but that comes from not having a true low-post player. (Besides Leon Powe [9]).

— Can’t score points? Offense stuck in neutral? Call Eddie House [10] and he’ll bail you out with a 3-pointer.

— Well now would seem like a decent time to mention an epic post on True Hoop [11] about Kevin Garnett [12] and his trash-talking As he always does, Henry Abbott talks to a lot of people and gets all sides of the argument. I think it’s fair to say that KG has acted a little strange at times this year, but it is very very hard to get inside that man’s head. Count on this being a story all year, by the way.

— Posey with a little reminder.