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Celtics-Hornets Game Blog: Second Quarter

For a first quarter recap, check out Paul’s blog [1].

– Interesting match up to start the second quarter. Tony Allen [2] is guarding James Posey [3], the very player who ate up his minutes last season. Now TA is the Celtics [4] first option at the wing off the bench, and tonight will be a test to see how far he has come since last season.

– Trivia tidbit … Leon Powe [5] and Sean Marks are both alumni of the University of the California. Marks, who has spent a quiet 10 years in the league, is only the second New Zealand native [6] to play in the NBA. Kirk Penney played a total of six games for the Miami Heat [7] and Los Angeles Clippers [8] a few years back.

– The look on Devin Brown’s face was classic when Rajon Rondo [9] blew past the Hornets defenders on a drive to the hoop. After the lay-in Brown stood in the paint in confusion, as if looking at his teammates for an explanation of how that just happened.

– This summer Posey proved basketball is a business and tonight Pierce followed in his footsteps. Pierce drained a three in the face of his former teammate. He hit another one over three-point king Peja Stojakovic, which was cause for a high-five between Eddie House [10] and Sam Cassell.

– Give the Hornets more credit than a 12-win team. They have a one-point lead at halftime and have the Celtics looking scrambled in the first 24 minutes. The Celtics simply aren’t going inside, instead settling for 4-for-11 shooting from three-point range. To that note, Pierce has just one basket in the paint. Too many passes away from the basket have the Celtics forcing low-percentage shots and struggling to grasp a consistent lead.

At the half … Hornets 40, Celtics 39

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