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Celtics-Jazz Game Blog: Third Quarter

12.15.08 at 6:54 pm ET

The Celtics strange run of poor second quarters continues as a double-digit lead is now a tie as we head to the second half.

The good: Kendrick Perkins with 12 points and 10 rebounds.

The bad: 14 turnovers.

On we go…

THIRD QUARTER WRAP: This is a playoff-type of game tonight. Bodies are hitting the floor left and right and the Jazz, just like Rivers thought, are making it very tough to run. In the halfcourt, the C’s have committed 21 turnovers and a lot of them are coming off deflections.

This is a losable game, as it were, but I think Utah’s lack of size tonight is ultimately going to the the difference. (And I’m so good at predictions!)

Off to the fourth, where Jess has you covered.


— OK guys here’s the play. Paul, you lose your shoe and when it’s 4-on-5 let CJ Miles take a wide-open 3-pointer. When he misses, and he will, Paul you hang out at half-court to tie your lace. Rajon, look for KG for a dunk. I’m telling you guys this is better than Shooter drawing up the Picket Fence in Hoosiers.

— Four things that always play well on the Jumbotron: Fat dudes dancing, old dudes dancing, little kids dancing and hot chicks dancing. Note to NBA teams: I am available for consulting on how to improve your in-game experience.

— Strong take by KG there. The Jazz can’t really stop the Celtics down low. (Their big men can, however, step out and make 3’s).

— Very workmanlike effort from Paul Pierce tonight and it was punctuated by taking that charge from Deron Williams. This has not been stressed enough, for a guy shooting around 40 percent Pierce has been really, really good this year.

— Pierce hit the deck real hard on that last one. The guy likes pain, I think.

— The Celtics look tired right now. Doc is going to have to ride the bench a little here.

— The C’s are up 35-21 in the rebounding department. The Jazz really miss Boozer tonight.

— Safe to say Danny Crawford is not on Perk’s Christmas Card list. the big man was not happy with the defensive 3 second call and he just got banged for a 50-50 foul.

— Rondo finally figured out that if he goes up quick, no one’s going to block his shot.

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