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Celtics-Jazz Game Blog: Third Quarter

The Celtics [1] strange run of poor second quarters continues as a double-digit lead is now a tie as we head to the second half.

The good: Kendrick Perkins [2] with 12 points and 10 rebounds.

The bad: 14 turnovers.

On we go…

THIRD QUARTER WRAP: This is a playoff-type of game tonight. Bodies are hitting the floor left and right and the Jazz [3], just like Rivers thought, are making it very tough to run. In the halfcourt, the C’s have committed 21 turnovers and a lot of them are coming off deflections.

This is a losable game, as it were, but I think Utah’s lack of size tonight is ultimately going to the the difference. (And I’m so good at predictions!)

Off to the fourth, where Jess has you covered.


— OK guys here’s the play. Paul, you lose your shoe and when it’s 4-on-5 let CJ Miles take a wide-open 3-pointer. When he misses, and he will, Paul you hang out at half-court to tie your lace. Rajon, look for KG for a dunk. I’m telling you guys this is better than Shooter drawing up the Picket Fence in Hoosiers.

— Four things that always play well on the Jumbotron: Fat dudes dancing, old dudes dancing, little kids dancing and hot chicks dancing. Note to NBA teams: I am available for consulting on how to improve your in-game experience.

— Strong take by KG there. The Jazz can’t really stop the Celtics down low. (Their big men can, however, step out and make 3’s).

— Very workmanlike effort from Paul Pierce [4] tonight and it was punctuated by taking that charge from Deron Williams. This has not been stressed enough, for a guy shooting around 40 percent Pierce has been really, really good this year.

— Pierce hit the deck real hard on that last one. The guy likes pain, I think.

— The Celtics look tired right now. Doc is going to have to ride the bench a little here.

— The C’s are up 35-21 in the rebounding department. The Jazz really miss Boozer tonight.

— Safe to say Danny Crawford is not on Perk’s Christmas Card list. the big man was not happy with the defensive 3 second call and he just got banged for a 50-50 foul.

— Rondo finally figured out that if he goes up quick, no one’s going to block his shot.