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Celtics-Bulls Game Blog: First Quarter

12.19.08 at 5:34 pm ET

We are live from the snowbound Garden for tonight’s game between the Celtics and Bulls. The C’s made some unusual travel plans in preparation for the snow with several of the players staying at a local hotel. Ray Allen, for one, arrived an hour and a half earlier than normal. But all are present and accounted for as they go in search of their 16th 17th win in a row.

This one has all the classic makings of a trap game. With an emotional game on Wednesday in Atlanta, what figures to be a smaller-than-normal crowd and the weather affecting the player’s routines, this one could be more dangerous than it first appears. Of course, the Celtics have seemed particularly immune to traps this season.

So, will it be Sweet 16 17 for the C’s? Will it be upset city for the Bulls? Will the crowd top 10,000? Those answers and more tonight…

— FIRST QUARTER WRAP: Long way to go but the Celtics look on top of their game tonight. 31-21 doesn’t really tell the story; this has been a total and complete domination in the first 12 minutes. I can’t think of one thing the Bulls did well in the first quarter, while the C’s are shooting a sizzling 60 percent.

Be back for the second quarter in a minute.

— To answer the last question, yes there are more than 10,000 people here tonight. I’m actually a little surprised at how many people did make it out for this one.

— Doc was talking about Derrick Rose before the game and he offered this anecdote. During the kid’s sophomore year at famed Chicago powerhouse Proviso East (alma mater of one Doc, Rivers), Doc’s brother called him and said, “He’s a better version of you. This kid just took over the game. He’s going to be special.”

— Is Kendrick Perkins starting to get calls? He just played volleyball with Aaron Gray on the offensive glass with no whistle blown and then got a push-off called on Gray at the other end. Maybe?

— OK, we can answer safely say the Celtics are feeling no hangover effect from the Hawks game. They are all over the Bulls so far. The first four minutes were like a montage in Teen Wolf when Michael J. Fox assumed the persona.

— Repeat after me Chicago: We can’t beat the Celtics with jump shots. We can’t beat the Celtics with jump shots.

— Vinny D. is going to run out of timeouts by the second quarter. So, they’re dissing the Hawks on the Jumbotron right now. There was the typical video bluster, highlights, etc from Wednesday’s game and then the words A Rivalry appeared with a red REJECTED stamp on it. Nice work.

— On the day Perkins retires they’re going to show the clip of that block he just put on Ben Gordon. Nasty.


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