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Celtics-Bulls Game Blog: Third Quarter

12.19.08 at 6:49 pm ET

And we’re back for the second half. Don’t you hate it when announcers say, “welcome back” after a commercial break? You didn’t go anywhere. You were trying to drown out the Saved by Zero ad. Sorry about that. It’s been a long day.

Ok, Here we go….

THIRD QUARTER WRAP: That was an awesome display of team basketball. The C’s shot 15-for-20 in the quarter and had assists on 12 of those buckets. Only three turnovers as well. The only question left tonight is will it hold up?

— Garnett said something to Rondo while they were taking the ball out of bounds and wouldn’t you know it: Alley-oop to KG. I give that another few weeks before teams starting getting wise to it.

— Strangest interview ever: Willie Maye and Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter, aka the world’s fastest man. Great story in SI about Bolt back in October, by the way. A profile the way they used to do profiles.

— Perk has 21 points, but perhaps even more amazing, he has no fouls. Chicago isn’t exactly a post-up team, but he hasn’t even picked up the obligatory offensive foul setting a screen tonight.

— The Bulls don’t exactly have interior defenders either.

— Everyone has at least 12 points, except for Rondo who has 13 assists.

— Whatever KG was saying after that dunk, Perk backed him up. “You are. You are.” I’m thinking something along the lines of Samuel L. Jackson’s wallet in Pulp Fiction.

— The lead is back up to 12, so the starters have done their job again. The starting five is playing tremendous basketball right now. Maybe the best they’ve played as a unit during their tenure, although that’s the kind of off-the-cuff statement that often reveals itself to be hyperbole upon closer scrutiny.

— Here’s another quirky stat: The Celtics have only shot 11 free throws so far, but they have 88 points. That’ll happen when you shoot 63 percent.

— I wrote some rather extended steam-of-consciousness babble about KG the other day and one thing I think I should have said is that it is indisputable that the guy flat-out cares. Part of the reason his intensity catches people off guard is that it’s very rare to see those kinds of outward displays of emotion. He was really ticked off when he picked up his fourth foul–and credit ref Mark Lindsay with not T’ing him up. He wasn’t showing him up, he was just mad that he got a ticky-tack foul. That kind of emotion shouldn’t be dismissed so casually by others. But let’s be real. Most of those who have a significant issue with KG’s on-court persona also have a problem with the Celtics. And vice-versa.

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