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Celtics-Sixers Game Blog: Third Quarter

12.23.08 at 7:00 pm ET

You get the feeling the Celtics are just toying with Philly tonight? They had a nice little nine-point lead, the Sixers came back and tied it and now it’s back up to 14 points. Know this: Getting on a cross-country flight on Christmas Eve would be a king-hell bummer for the C’s, to quote Hunter S. Thompson.


THIRD QUARTER WRAP: Up 14 at the start of the quarter, up 12 at the end. The starters went all 12 minutes, and I’m sure Doc would love to give them an extended rest. Not sure that’s going to happen though. Something tells me the Sixers have another push left in them.

We’ll find out…

Third Quarter Observations

–The Celtics seem to be making a lot of passes to nobody tonight. Not sure why that is.

— Sloppy, sloppy start for the C’s so far and it looks like Ray Allen got an elbow in the chest for his troubles.

Paul Pierce has been on a nice little shooting run lately, making about 50 percent of his shots over the last four games. The brilliant thing about this team is they can afford any one of their starting five to go through prolonged slumps, and still win games. Just about everyone has had mini-droughts this year
and there is no real negative effect.

When people say the Celtics aren’t deep because of their bench (a slight exaggeration, I might add) they don’t take into account the fact that their starters are so good. What is depth? Having a couple of quality guys off the bench, or having four All-Stars and one of the better centers in the league? I’d say the latter.

— Spotted: a WWSD t-shirt. WWSD? What Would Scal Do, natch.

— Sam Delambert just said something to the Celtics bench after making that jumper. It seemed to catch them off guard. Eddie House had a what was that look and then he and Cassell cracked up. No respect for your junk, Sammy D. No respect.

— I would give 100 bucks to hear what KG is saying to Marreese Speights after that alley-oop jam.

— Love that Rondo popped a jumper off that high pick and roll. Do you want him doing it every time down the floor? No, of course not. But good lord, if he added that to his arsenal he’d be illegal in 37 states.

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