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Could the Cavs Catch Up?

The Boston Celtics [1] sudden two-game skid put the tight Eastern Conference race into perspective. It took just two losses for the Cleveland Cavaliers [2] to be one game within the lead in the East. The Celtics and Cavs will battle next week in Cleveland, where the Cavs are a perfect 16-0. If both teams continue on a winning pace, it is a match up that could alter the standings. But could one team falter before then? Here is a look at their schedules before they meet next Friday, January 9.

Boston Celtics
December 30 @ Portland Trail Blazers (19-12)
January 2 vs. Washington Wizards [3] (5-23)
January 4 @ New York Knicks [4] (11-18)
January 6 @ Charlotte Bobcats [5] (11-20)
January 7 vs. Houston Rockets [6] (20-11)

Cleveland Cavaliers
December 30 @ Miami Heat [7] (16-13)
January 2 vs. Chicago Bulls [8] (13-17)
January 4 @ Washington Wizards (5-23)
January 7 vs. Charlotte Bobcats (11-20)

The Celtics and Cavs have more to worry about than just each other. The Orlando Magic [9], currently on a seven-game winning streak, are only three games behind the Cs.

(Standings as of December 29)