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Celtics-Blazers Game Blog: Fourth Quarter

12.30.08 at 10:02 pm ET

Twelve minutes, two teams, one dream. Or something.

Fourth Quarter Observations

— Tick, tick, tick… The bench has to give them quality minutes here.

— What is wrong with the Celtics second unit? Bad spacing, standing around, no real semblance of an offensive set besides get the ball to Ray. What isn’t wrong, would be a better question.

— KG is back in, and he immediately gets a steal and a rebound. (Credit where credit is due: Good box out by Baby on that last Portland miss.)

— The Celtics are shooting just 40 percent tonight, but they are 19-for-19 from the free throw line. Portland has also had 19 attempts, but the Blazers have six misses.

— So what are we going to see down the stretch? For Boston, it’s got to be Pierce. He can get that mismatch on the top of the key whenever he wants it. For Portland, Steve Blake has been the man, but I think it might be Aldridge.

— OK, I’ll bite: Why isn’t Rondo in the game with six minutes left? It’s not like Eddie House has been lighting it up.

— Exactly.

— Oden has no idea how to give a foul. He should watch tapes of PJ Brown who was (is?) the all-time master. You can tell the Celtics know this by the way they’re reacting to his fouls. They’re selling it, but they’re not getting carried away because it’s so obvious that he can’t play help-side defense without fouling.

— Great play by Pierce to strip Travis Outlaw of the ball. He’s played another solid all-around game tonight.

— That’s why Aldridge kills me. He is good now, but he could be great if he went to the basket more. Speaking of going to the basket, Pierce is doing exactly what smart veterans do in these situations, getting fouls. Just keep grinding it, grinding it out, and then try to steal it at the end.

— Bad read by Rondo. He had Blake on KG but he tried to force it into Perk when Aldridge cheated. And now it’s a 4-point game as Aldridge knocks down a turnaround.

— How does Pierce keep getting Blake on the switch. I mean, I know how he keeps getting it, but why aren’t the Blazers fighting through it?

— Outlaw’d.

— Take this down: Paul Pierce is the mo$%%$*&^$%ing Truth.

— 89-86 with 17.9 left. So, do you go for 3, or a quick 2 here? I say quick 2, but it’s close.

–They went for 3, and I don’t have a strong argument against it. It was right on the borderline in terms of time, but they could have had a better one than a contested three. But that’s the ballgame. Portland 91, Boston 86. Bad trip, man. Bad trip.

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