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Celtics-Blazers Game Blog: Second Quarter

Your five on the floor are Eddie House [1], Tony Allen [2], Paul Pierce [3], Leon Powe [4] and Big Baby.

SECOND QUARTER WRAP: You know how they say that if you go to the ballpark you still might see something you’ve never seen before. I’ve been watching hoops for a long, long time and I’ve never seen a team with six players on the court be allowed to score a basket. That just can’t be right.

At any rate, the Celtics [5] have a 45-40 lead and the gift two points sort of counted as one because Ray Allen [6] hit a technical free throw. Portland got back in the game because they stopped shooting 3’s and the Celtics started turning it over.

Outside of the Oden freakout and some boos for KG it’s been a pretty calm atmosphere, which I have to say I’m disappointed in the Blazers fans. I didn’t expect blood, but I thought it would be a more hyped arena tonight. Oh well. Should be a good second half.

Second Quarter Observations

— There’s your key stat: One turnover. It’s their Achilles heel. Make that two turnovers.

— The refs look like they’re trying to clean things up off the ball. Adjustment time.

— Interesting note from Basketball Prospectus [7] that is found on 82games.com [8]. The Celtics dominate in the first and third quarters and are every good in the fourth quarter. The second quarter? Decent, but nowhere near as good. That’s almost always a bench-dominated quarter.

— Eddie House is picking up fouls like he’s Wendell Ladner [9]. He just got up his third foul on a 50-50 call down low where he wound up guarding Ike Diogu.

— So KG played 10 minutes in the first quarter, and he’s back at the 8-minute mark of the second. That’s an 18-minute half (quick math, kids!) which does not seem like managing minutes.

— Good veteran move by House to step in and knock down that jumper. Portland is going for every head fake tonight.

— Whoa. Didn’t see that one coming. Oden just shoved Ray Allen and got a personal and a tech. Mike Gorman is wondering why it’s not a flagrant. It’s not a flagrant foul because the personal foul wasn’t flagrant. The technical came on the shove.

— Just before that Tech on Oden, Donny was cracking on Dikembe Mutombo’s age. I’m trying to remember a story about Yinka Dare, the one-time New Jersey Net who was apparently a 30-something rookie when he got to New Jersey, the details of which escape me now, but it’s never a bad time to work Yinka into a game day blog.

— Billy Hoyle, aka Steve Blake [10] is keeping the Blazers in the game.

— Oden is playing pretty well tonight. I know everybody expected him to be Tim Duncan [11] right away, but jeez give the kid a chance to play a little bit first. Remember Duncan had four seasons in the ACC before he got to the league. Remember also, just cause Oden looks like he’s older than Mutombo doesn’t mean he actually is.

— Rondo’d III.

— Hey, so explain this to me. How can the Browns talk to Scott Pioli [12] and Eric Mangini [13]? I don’t know a lot about the dynamics but I can’t imagine those two ever working together. That’s like saying, hey we’ll talk to Pat Riley [14] and Stan Van Gundy [15].

— They can’t really count that can they? Really? You can get points for having six guys on the court. That doesn’t seem right. Somebody check on Heinsohn and make sure he’s on a seven-second delay at halftime.