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Celtics-Blazers Game Blog: Third Quarter

12.30.08 at 9:31 pm ET

I spent the better part of halftime going through the NBA rule book and I couldn’t find the rule on what to do if you have six guys on the court and you don’t know it. Apparently you allow it. Crazy.

THIRD QUARTER WRAP: Not a good quarter for the Celtics. The Blazers have managed to tie it at 64 and suddenly Greg Oden looks like a young Shaq. Here’s the test for Doc. How long does he keep Garnett on the bench? Big Baby has had major struggles tonight and Perkins played the whole third quarter.

Third Quarter Observations

— I’m about to say something I thought I’d never say: The Rondo-KG alley-oop is better than the Sherman Douglas-Derrick Coleman combo at Syracuse.

— The Blazers alley-oop combo is more like the one we had at Drew University, where no alley-oop has ever been completed to the best of my knowledge.

— Big shot by Rondo. He’s looked comfortable shooting his jumper tonight.

— Good effort by the Celtics to weather that little storm. The crowd really wanted to explode, and they wouldn’t let the Blzaers get going. Have to say that I’m not a fan of LaMarcus Aldridge’s game from what I’ve seen this year. It’s more perimeter-oriented than I had figured. Of course, so is Garnett’s game, but Aldridge isn’t the defender Garnett is, and KG didn’t move outside until later in his career.

— Upset night in the NBA. Milwaukee won at San Antonio. Don’t look now but the Bucks would be the eighth seed if the season ended today, which it doesn’t.

— I would have bet you most of my life savings (or about $47) that Kevin Eastman would not have gotten a technical tonight.

— Everyone but Perkins is in double figures… and everyone but Perkins has played more than 25 minutes already.

— I guess it’s safe to say that KG isn’t worried about making Big Baby cry again.

— Baby is getting abused down low. Not sure what he was complaining about there.

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