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A Win is a Win for Celtics

01.02.09 at 8:58 pm ET

The Boston Celtics rebounded from their 1-3 road trip with a 25-point demolition of the Washington Wizards on Friday night. (RECAP HERE) They were the obvious favorites and, despite their recent struggles, the win came as no surprise. But what do the Cs gain from beating a 6-25 team? Would it have been more significant to bounce back against a legitimate playoff contender? The Celtics explained that a win is still a win, no matter who is on the losing end.

Leon Powe: “In our case, it’s good to get a win. I don’t care if we beat the Pee-Wees and my little brother’s Little League team. It feels good to get a win today and that’s what we all realized. We just had to get a win and get our confidence back up and prepare one game at a time. We beat this team and then we can look toward the next one. I know we’ve got Cleveland coming up pretty soon but every game for us is big because it’s a tight race right now for homecourt advantage.”

Kendrick Perkins: “Just to get a win and get back on track, it doesn’t really matter against who. If we would’ve got the win against Portland it would have been great but to get the win tonight is still great. We’ve got two games coming up on the road that we need to take care of, the Rockets back here, and then to Cleveland. I think this will be a nice stretch for us to see what we’re made of and bounce back from that three out of four losses.”

Tony Allen: “It didn’t matter who we played today. We wanted to come back out and just start fresh. It’s all about responding and I think today we did that … We played with a sense of urgency today. We knew we had to come out and make a statement and respond to those losses. They didn’t look so good.”

Brian Scalabrine: “Doc said at the beginning of the year he wanted to make a schedule up and every single game that we had was going to be a signal of the Boston Celtics, meaning that we play against ourselves. Every night we play it’s us that we lose to or it’s us that we beat. So it’s really all about us.”

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