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Celtics Recall Giddens, Walker from D-League

01.08.09 at 2:31 pm ET

In the midst of a three-game losing streak, the Boston Celtics have recalled rookies J.R. Giddens and Bill Walker from the NBDL’s Utah Flash. Giddens (17.3 points, 6.5 rebounds) and Walker (18.7 points, 5.3 rebounds) have been standouts on the Flash given the playing time to develop. Both players welcomed the assignment and have been preparing for their recall since October. caught up with the rookies in early December to talk about their growth in Utah:

Some players would rather forgo playing time to stay in the NBA, but you seemed to embrace the D-League. What was your reaction when you found out you were assigned to the Utah Flash?

JG: Well I was excited because I had an idea that I was going down there. My brother and some of my closest people talked about it, how it was going to be a good opportunity to go down there and get into game shape and just gain confidence and become better every day. So whenever I do get the chance from the Celtics to play, then I’€™ll be in the best shape possible and I’€™ll be able to take a good swing at it.

BW: I was excited to have a chance to be able to play again, so I was excited about going. J.R. was already down there and I just welcomed it.

It took no time for you to become the leading scorers on the Flash. What kind of improvements have you seen in your game already?

JG: I’€™m just trying to be efficient and attacking the basket and finding teammates who are open and using my size to rebound and doing just more of whatever I can, whether it’€™s enhance or defense or make somebody better by running the court. Just doing whatever I can to help the team win.

BW: Just trying to cut down on my turnovers right now, pass out of double teams, so that’€™s the only difference. Just learning how to play in a 48 minute game, learning how to play hard but still pace yourself where you have enough to finish the game out.

When you get called back up to the Celtics, which versions of Bill Walker and J.R. Giddens can we expect?

JG: I know I’€™ll be a lot more confident and feel more fluid with my movements on the court and I’€™ll feel like I’€™m in better shape. Being an athlete I feel like being in games in crucial because you use a certain amount of energy when you’€™re playing. When you’€™re not in game shape you’€™re not as quick and you’€™re not as on point as you normally would be.

BW: Probably a more confident Bill Walker. Just having some game experience on this level and knowing what I can do and what I can’€™t do, so I’€™m learning the ropes.

This is the first time Giddens and Walker have been recalled. The Boston Celtics roster stands at the league-maximum 15.

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