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Celtics-Nets Game Blog: Third Quarter

01.14.09 at 9:02 pm ET

I referenced the Swamp Dragons in the first quarter and now seems like a decent time to tell one of the weirdest stories in the history of what has been a very weird franchise. The year was 1994 and the Nets had just drafted Yinka Dare despite the objections of just about everybody who wanted them to take Wesley Person, the sweet-shooting wing man from Auburn.

The Nets were getting hammered on the radio for the choice when something very odd happened. WFAN’s Mike and the Mad Dog said they had a source who claimed the Nets had filed paperwork with the league to change their name to the Swamp Dragons. For five hours Mike and the Doggy just killed them. It was probably the most they would ever talk about the team until the Jason Kidd run earlier this decade.

By the time the show was over the Nets claimed that they would do no such thing and thus would remain the Nets. And now you know. Back to the game…

THIRD QUARTER WRAP: It looks like the Celtics of old are back. The ones that put the clamps down on the other team’s offense and kill you with ball movement. Rajon Rondo had a big quarter and is now just three boards shy of a triple-double.

The numbers are pretty staggering for the C’s in the third: 37 points 12-for-20 from the floor, 6-for-7 from 3-point range. The rout it on..

Third Quarter Observations

— A few technical difficulties on this end. Apologies. Quick start for the C’s and an even quicker timeout by Lawrence Frank. It goes without saying that a nice 10-15 point win would be just what the Celtics need right now. Looks like they’re going for the knockout punch.

— This is when you know you got it going: Rondo just threw the alley-oop to KG and it went right in the basket. The thought had crossed my mind in the first half that the alley-oop was getting very close to being goaltending. Maybe Rondo should shoot alley-oops?

— If you’re a young big man and you want to learn how to defend the post, just watch tapes of Kevin Garnett. The man is a pure technician down there.

— The Celtics are just shredding the Nets “defense” right now. Good move by Lawrence Frank to bring in Eduardo Najera who will at least put a body on someone who cuts right to the basket.

— So at this point this game can go one of two ways. It can become a total blowout, or the Nets can make it interesting by keeping it within 15 points or so, which would mean a few more minutes for the starters than Doc Rivers would probably like. They’ve got two whole days off before playing New Jersey again on Saturday so a little extra rest would be like a mini-vacation.

— Walter McCarty is here, ladies and gentlemen. Walt-ah!

— KG is out after scoring 20 points and grabbing nine rebounds in 23 minutes. Is that it for him tonight?

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