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Celtics-Suns Game Blog: First Quarter

01.19.09 at 8:01 pm ET

We’re off to a late start on account of a fine press buffet and the presence of weei grand master Rob Bradford in line for said buffet. So we’ll dispense with the usual pleasantries and get right to it. It’s the Suns. It’s the Celtics. It’s Steve Nash and Rajon Rondo. It’s Amare Stoudemire and Kevin Garnett. It’s Shaquille O’Neal and Brian Scalabrine?

Let’s get it on…

FIRST QUARTER WRAP: The Celtics couldn’t have asked for more in the first 12 minutes. Well maybe if Scal had made that 3 at the end of the quarter, but then, Scal threw down a two-handed jam.

Fun stat of the quarter: The Celtics shot 24 times and made 14 of them. The Suns took 14 shots. That, friends, is domination.

First quarter observations

— You have to be in a coma (or a Dukie) to not be excited about this one tonight. Phoenix isn’t the best team in the West by a long shot, and you can make the argument that the Celtics aren’t the best team in the East anymore either, but the matchups are phenomenal. I’m giddy.

— KG opens up Shaq. As you all know the Celtics hate putting Garnett on a BIG big man. It will be interesting to see how long they stick with it.

— The Celtics say they are emphasizing fast starts. Ya think?

— Kind of jarring to go from Paul PIerce talking about Martin Luther King Day to Quiet Riot doing Come on Fell the Noize. Maybe a little Marvin Gaye would have been the play?

— The Celtics are pressing fullcourt, which makes sense when you consider that the Suns played yesterday and are not quite the running 7 Seconds or Less juggernaut of past years. See what a few days off can do for a team?

— Scal with the two-handed flush!

— For the record, with 5 minutes 11 seconds gone by Brian Scalabrine is outplaying Amare Stoudemire. This will probably not last.

— Baby’s coming in to wrestle with Shaq for a while. Garnett did everything he was supposed to do on the Big Fella. He stayed between him and the basket, he used his length to block a shot and he used his quickness to get a steal.

— Nash just got Rondo’d.

— Naturally that made me think of this:

— You know things are going well when you fumble three passes and still get a 3-on-1 layup. Best quarter of the season so far for the Celtics.

— The Suns are getting outworked, out-hustled and outplayed. Badly.

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