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Celtics-Suns Game Blog: Fourth Quarter

At the start of the fourth … Celtics 89, Suns 58

Rajon Rondo [1] starts the fourth quarter with 23 points, five rebounds, and seven assists. Now is a good time to remember the Suns drafted Rondo with the 21st pick in the 2006 NBA Draft and traded him to Boston. Celtics [2] fans everywhere are thanking the Suns for that generous move.

– Second unit plus Scal is in: Pruitt, House, Davis, Powe, Scalabrine. For the Suns it’s Barbosa, Lopez, Amundson, Barnes, and Tucker.

– There’s a “We want Walker” chant starting near Section 20. The Celtics are up 31 with 11 minutes to go … a perfect situation for the rookie to get some PT.

– During the timeout assistant coach Tom Thibodeau [3] pulled Leon Powe [4] aside. Let’s see if he steps up his defense.

– Gino is warming up backstage.

Patrick O’Bryant [5] wiped out Goran Dragic at the top of the key. Dragic is 6’4.

– It’s garbage time but Gabe Pruitt [6] and Bill Walker [7] are making the most of their minutes. Pruitt has dished off some impressive passes while Walker is showcasing his dunking abilities.

– Final score … Celtics 104, Suns 87