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Celtics-Suns Game Blog: Third Quarter

01.19.09 at 9:27 pm ET

And we’re back for the second half. Two questions: Can the Celtics play any better? Could the Suns play worse? I suspect we’ll find out in the first 5 or 6 minutes of the half if Phoenix can make it at least interesting. Let’s find out…

THIRD QUARTER WRAP: Give the Suns credit for not packing it in, but this one is ovah. I said at the end of the first quarter that this was the best the Celtics have played all year, and it hasn’t let up. We are now entering extended garbage time, so I hope Bill Walker is ready for some run.

If that’s not reason enough to watch, Jess will be sure to keep you entertained.

Third Quarter Observations

— I made a joke about Scal outplaying Amare Stoudemire in the first quarter, and lo and behold, Scal is still getting the better of the matchup. Stoudemire went hard to the basket on the first possession and got to the line. One would think he would be a little embarrassed after getting to one point in the first half.

— Rondo just got Shaq’d. R squared is dusting Steve Nash on the offensive end, as you might expect, but it didn’t take much for Shaq to get a big beefy paw on that one.

— I know it’s 26-point spread but now it’s getting fun. Nash has that look in his eye, like when Dallas refused to guard him in the playoffs a few years ago and he went beserk.

— Double-figure alert: Every one of the starters has at least 10 points, except for Scal, who does have the slam a da night.

— I was focusing so much on Amare I hadn’t even noticed that Jason Richardson hadn’t scored until that drive.

— Just so we’re all clear: Rajon Rondo is putting on an absolute show tonight and it doesn’t hurt that the opponent is Nash and the game is on TNT. Clinic.

— Turnovers tonight. Celtics 7, Phoenix 18. Couldn’t have gotten odds on those numbers.

— If Scal had dunked on Amare, I’m not sure the building would still be left standing. Kendrick Perkins says that he’s doing good, by the way. As much as he wanted to play against Shaq tonight, the Celtics need him more against Dwight Howard on Thursday.

— You can clearly see that the Suns are dog tired. Every outside shot is hitting the front rim, but still, this is just a horrific beatdown tonight. I’m sure the rest of the NBA is taking note.

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