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Celtics-Mavericks Game Blog: First Quarter

01.25.09 at 12:51 pm ET

We are live on a Sunday afternoon from the Garden for today’s matinee between the Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Celtics. The champs come into this one on a roll, winners of seven straight and off a mighty impressive Florida sweep.

The Mavs have won three of four, including a blowout win at Detroit on Friday, but they are coming through a very tough stretch. This is their fourth road game this week, and they have been away from Dallas for seven of their last nine. After this, the Mavs go home for one game and then head back out to do the Florida thing (see, every team has insane schedule issues).

At any rate, the Celtics have narrowly regained the top spot in the Eastern Conference (although they are down a game in the loss column to Cleveland), while Dallas is holding on in seventh in the West. Fun matchups will be the flavor of the day with Rajon Rondo going against Jason Kidd, Paul Pierce and Josh Howard and the always-fun Kevin Garnett-Dirk Nowitzki battle serving as the main event.

We’ll be here all day. You should be too…

FIRST QUARTER WRAP: Tremendous start by the Celtics. They opened by running everything through Garnett to take advantage of the matchup with Nowitzki and it paid off. It was an incredibly efficient quarter; no turnovers, 67 percent shooting. Garnett and Ray Allen both have 11 points, while Nowitzki opened up going 0-for-7.

First Quarter Observations

— Jason Kidd: Still getting booed.

— The Celtics are pounding it into KG to start. Makes sense with Nowitzki on him, but they should probably be careful not to overdo that strategy. They work best when they are free-flowing and there are clear lines to the hoop available. (addendum: I take back everything I said in that first sentence).

— Fun start with lots of movement on both ends offensively. Safe to say that both teams are into it. The crowd, however, is kind of dead.

— Every time the Celtics go down low, Kidd is doubling off Rondo. So far Garnett got Rondo twice, once on a backdoor layup attempt, which Rondo missed, and then Rondo found Paul Pierce wide-open for a 3-pointer.
The Mavs, meanwhile are basically playing 3-on-5 on offense. Antoine Wright and Erick Dampier just take up space.

— Good play call by Doc coming out of the timeout to get Ray Allen a jumper. That’s something he doesn’t get enough credit for. He’s one of the best in the league at getting good shots out of timeouts.

— You know how announcers like to call a play where a guy makes a shot, gets fouled and converts a free-throw an “old-fashioned three-point play?” Not sure why people still do that. I mean the 3-point line has been in existence since 1980. There’s nothing particularly new about shooting 3-pointers, but anyway, Garnett just got a three-point play in an entirely unique way. He made one free throw, missed the second, and then hit a jumper after Rondo got the offensive board.

— Great defensive sequence by the Celtics. They had two or three terrific rotations and wound up with a steal that led to a Pierce 3-pointer.

— The Celtics are putting on a clinic right now. Every shot they are getting is wide open.

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