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Celtics-Mavericks Game Blog: Fourth Quarter

At the start of the fourth quarter … Celtics [1] 103, Mavs 78

– The Celtics are in cruise control but they allowed the Mavericks to score 31 points in the third quarter.

– No dunks from Gerald Green [2] tonight but there’s always the possibility of a few highlight clips with Bill Walker [3] on the court. On the court for the Celtics: Walker, Davis, House, Scal, and Pruitt. For the Mavs: Nowitzki, Bass, Terry. Kidd, Howard. Rick Carlisle [4] isn’t giving up just yet.

Brandon Bass [5] wasn’t going to just let Big Baby get to the basket. Bass pushed around his former LSU teammate in a match up that will be fun to watch in the fourth.

Leon Powe [6] and Patrick O’Bryant [7] got their first minutes of the game with less than ten minutes to go.

– Six minutes to go … is it Gino Time already? A 29-point lead warrants a celebration.

– The Celtics starters outscored the Mavs starting five 75-52.

– Celtics win 124-100 and reclaim the lead in the Eastern Conference.