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Celtics-Mavericks Game Blog: Third Quarter

I suppose there exists a possibility wherein the Mavericks could get back in this one, but it doesn’t seem likely. The Celtics [1] probably won’t shoot 65 percent in the second half, nor are they likely to hit 10-of-13 from 3-point range again. But this is the end of a long road trip for the Mavs and it shows.

The other big number from the first half? Four, as in the number of turnovers for the Celtics. Turnovers remain the biggest chink in their armor, offensively, and honestly they’re part of the bargain for the way they play, but when they limit them the Celtics are basically unstoppable.

The third quarter awaits…

THIRD QUARTER WRAP: The only question now is, ‘how much?’ The Mavs came out after getting humiliated in the first half and promptly gave up the first eight points of the quarter. Not the way one wants to come back. Give the Celtics credit for not letting up in their intensity, but you can hang a lot of this on the Mavericks.

Expect lots of time for Bill Walker [2] and Patrick O’Bryant [3] in the fourth quarter.

Third Quarter Observations

Rajon Rondo [4] now has 11 points. He also has four rebounds and six assists meaning he’s got an outside shot at a triple-double. Ray Allen [5] is in the same boat with 20 points, four boards and six assists, but Ray doesn’t fill up the state sheet like Rondo. Doubtful either of them will play long enough in the second half to get there, but maybe…

— I’m wondering if Rick Carlisle [6] will spontaneously combust like the drummer from Spinal Tap.

— Apologies. The Game Day blog was experiencing technical difficulties. We now return to your regularly scheduled beatdown.

Jason Terry [7] is the only Maverick playing with a pulse this afternoon. At the same time the fact that the Celtics are being merciless is nothing but a good thing. How many times have you seen an NBA team build a big lead and then give it back because of laziness or a lack of focus?

— It’s hard to take a lot out of a blowout like this, but the fact that Eddie House [8] is still hot is a great thing for the Celtics second unit. His ability to make 3’s can cover for a lot of things.

— From the land of the strange and unusual, I’m not sure how many times we’ve seen a lineup that has Rondo, House and Ray Allen on the floor at the same time (except at the end of quarters and halves), but it’s a fun mix.