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Celtics-Kings Game Blog: First Quarter

01.28.09 at 7:33 pm ET

We are live from the Garden for tonight’s game between the Celtics and the Sacramento Kings. It’s the Kings only visit to Boston this season, and hey, how do you like the weather fellas?

The Kings come into this one losers of six straight and seven of their last eight, which has led to reports of just about everyone getting traded. Everyone but Kevin Martin, the awkward-looking, but oh-so-effective shooting guard who might be the most underappreciated star in the league. But that’s what happens when you play in Sac-Town.

A lot of people don’t give the Kings a snowball’s chance in California of winning tonight, but they’ll play it anyway, and besides where else would you rather be on such a dreary night?

FIRST QUARTER WRAP: Well that was a weird 12 minutes. Paul Pierce has three fouls, Pierce and Big Baby have technicals and the Kings are shooting 65 percent. Oh and Rajon Rondo has 10 points. Other than that, a normal state of affairs.

After one: 30-28.

First Quarter Observations

— So, in case you haven’t heard Brian Scalabrine is out seven to 10 days after suffering his second concussion. Before the game there was a lot of talk about what teams can do to try to prevent such things from happening. Doc, and remember it’s just a nickname, is in a no-win spot there but he said the right things: i.e. he listens to trainer Eddie Lacerte and doesn’t questions his judgment.

Short of that it’s hard to tell what anyone can do in that situation. It’s not like football where they have all kinds of charming euphemisms for concussions and there are horror-stories galore from the gridiron of coaches making players go back on the field when they really shouldn’t be out there.

Tony Allen is back tonight, however.

— Interesting that the C’s have Kendrick Perkins on rookie Jason Thompson and Kevin Garnett on Brad Miller.
The veteran Miller is obviously the more experienced player, and the bigger player, but he plays so much on the outside that it makes sense that KG got the assignment. Thompson went to Rider in central New Jersey, by the way, where a certain blogger used to attend basketball camp. And now you know.

— Slightly better start for the Kings tonight than the one they had back Sacramento. And by slightly, I mean 100 percent completely better in every respect.

— And that’s why they play the games, or so I’ve heard. The Kings are 9-for-10 with seven assists on their nine makes. It’s probably not sustainable since everything is outside. In fact, I will go out on a limb right now and say the Kings will not shoot 90 percent for the rest of the game.

— Well, now Pierce and Perkins have two fouls. This game just went from intriguing to interesting.

— Great helpside D by Big Baby there. John Salmons drove right on Pierce who didn’t want to get his third foul and thought he had a lay-up but Baby got there in time, and now it’s a four-point game.

— Three fouls and technical for Pierce.

— Welcome back Tony Allen. How about a nice kick in the back? TA might have to play more than 10 minutes tonight.

— Garnett is really giving the refs the business. He might have helped steal that continuation call on Rondo though.

— Announcer: Bobby Brown for 3.

Me: Who?

Jeff Howe (Metro): New Edition, man.

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