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Celtics-Kings Game Blog: Fourth Quarter

01.28.09 at 9:26 pm ET

The bench was awesome in the first half. Can they keep it up?

FINAL WRAP: Your final score is Celtics 119, Kings 100. For the Celtics it was their ninth win in a row and after a kind of shaky first few minutes it was never in doubt. The Kings started the game hitting nine of their first 10 shots but went 24-for-65 from there.


Rajon Rondo: 24 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists.

Kevin Garnett: 14 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists

Eddie House: 28 points (8-for-9 3-pointers)

Fourth Quarter Observations

— Baby didn’t get that call in the first half, but it was close. He’s becoming almost as good as Leon at taking charges.

— There’s that devastating Eddie House 3-pointer. It just kills momentum for the other team.

— Good start to the quarter by the C’s. You know Doc doesn’t want to have bring KG back into this one. The Kings haven’t quite thrown in the towel just yet. They still have three starters on the floor.

— Pierce just made his first shot of the night. Amazing that they have an 18-point lead when the Truth is 1-for-4. It speaks to something that I’ve alluded to a couple of times this year. Pierce has rarely forced the action this year. He is very content to just go along with the flow of the game. When he’s had to he has no problem taking over games, but he’s not playing to impress the rest of the league anymore.

— The fans were just starting an Edd-ie Edd-ie Edd-ie chant when he buried that last 3-pointer. I’m trying to think of an adjective here–hot, sizzling, scorching? I remember Clyde Frazier saying someone was super-scintillating-sensational once. That’ll do it. Eddie House is super-scintillating-sensational.

Tony Allen has played 18 minutes tonight and had scored eight points to go with six rebounds and three assists. All in all a pretty successful return for TA.

— That was a good strong move by Leon. He’s been a little tentative over the last month or so, but he’ll be fine if he keeps going strong to the basket. Of course, playing the Kings doesn’t hurt much.

— Eddie’s done after scoring 28 points on 10-for-13 shooting and 8-for-9 from 3-point range. That is insane.

— Gino time. It’s been GIno time since the second quarter. One of the truly hilarious things to watch during the Gino vid is KG standing by himself watching it. Every time Gino comes on the screen, Garnett raises his fist in the air. He does this every single time. Safe to say that no one enjoys Gino more than KG.

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