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Celtics-Kings Game Blog: Second Quarter

01.28.09 at 8:12 pm ET

And, we’re back again. Jess couldn’t make it because of the weather, but a little ice and snow can’t stop the mighty Green Line so I’ll be your spirit guide for the rest of the game. A couple of strange things from the first (actually a lot of strange things from the first). Not only are the Kings shooting 65 percent, but the C’s got up 22 shots. That early 80’s Denver Nuggets pace.

What will we have for the rest of the night? Let’s find out…

FIRST HALF WRAP: Despite everything that went down in the first two quarters–foul trouble for Paul Pierce, the Kings not missing for seven minutes–the Celtics take a 68-49 lead into the break. How are they doing it? By shooting the freaking lights out. Eddie House has 16 points, Rajon Rondo has 14 points and seven assists and Ray Allen has 12 points.

The C’s are shooting 58 percent and have committed just five turnovers.

Second Quarter Observations

— I have detected a pattern with the refs tonight. No, just kidding. I have no idea on some of these calls and I don’t usually make off the cuff statements like that.

— Your five on the floor are Eddie, Ray, Tony Allen, Baby and Leon Powe. That’s a pretty small lineup, but Doc doesn’t have a lot of options with Scalabrine out for a week to 10 days and Pierce on the bench in foul trouble. He didn’t want to play Tony Allen more than 10 minutes or so tonight, but he might go right past that number in the first half.

— That was a sick up-and-under move by Tony Allen, but you can tell: He’s tired. He’s grabbing his shorts and was way behind on that last fast break. He needed that timeout. Still, a really nice start for him.

— Leon Powe was dropped in the rotation last week after Perkins returned from his injury and Scal and Big Baby played so well in his absence. He looks active so far and it should be pointed out that Leon did not say one negative thing about it.

— Good run for Ray Allen. 17 minutes, nine points, four assists.

— Tony Allen is killing it right now. For everybody that complains that he’s not James Posey (blah, blah, blah) remember that he can do things that the other Celtics can not. Like block jump shots, for example.

— At this point I think it would be advisable for other teams to guard Eddie House.

— Remember when the Kings started the game shooting 9-for-10? They are 5-for-18 since then.

— Perkins had a word or two for Brad Miller after his love-tap on Rondo. Something to keep an eye on. Miller is not exactly universally loved around the association.

— That was a 2 by Eddie, by the way.

— I believe the Celtics were running a variation of the picket fence. And no they didn’t get caught watching the paint dry.

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