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Scal speaks…

The Celtics [1] are 6-0 this season when Brian Scalabrine [2] starts. Scalabrine has his own fanclubs on Facebook [3] that were trying to get him on the Eastern Conference All-Star team in Phoenix. Every time he touches the ball at the Garden is cause for a standing ovation and a personal chant of “Scal-uh-breen-ee”

But now, thanks to poor Patrick O’Bryant [4], those chants will be silenced over the next 7-10 days as the best red-head basketball player ever to hail from the University of Southern California recovers from his second concussion in a week, suffered when he took an elbow from O’Bryant during practice Tuesday.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers [5] gave the prognosis for Scalabrine prior to Wednesday’s game.

But Scalabrine was healthy enough to talk before Wednesday’s game. And here’s what he had to say about getting his bell rung.

Scalabrine said he’s feeling it after getting his bell run at practice on Tuesday [6].

Scalabrine said he’s not sure exactly when he’ll be ready to return [7].

Doc Rivers updated Scal’s condition before the game Wednesday [8].

Meanwhile, there continues to be speculation that the Celtics could wind up with as many as four All-Stars when the reserves are announced on Thursday. Garnett is already in the starting lineup, while Paul Pierce [9], Ray Allen [10] and Rajon Rondo [11] are all getting consideration for reserve status.

Rivers said four all-stars would be nice [12].