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Celtics-Spurs Game Blog: Third Quarter

02.08.09 at 2:19 pm ET

Can’t anyone stop Matt Bonner? The big redhead from New Hampshire lit the C’s up in the first half as the Spurs ran high pick and rolls again and again (and again). Look for an adjustment or three in the second half. On the other hand, the Celtics seem just a step slow this afternoon.

Whatever the reason they will need to put together a much stronger defensive effort in the second half. Offensively, they’re fine, although the Spurs have aggressively defended the 3-point line, which is such a big part of the Celtics game. This promises to be a very interesting second half.

THIRD QUARTER WRAP: More energy, better shots, more running. That was exactly what the Celtics needed. Now the bench needs to give them four good minutes.

Third Quarter Observations

— The Celtics clearly have more life to start the second half. Ray Allen chased Roger Mason over and under two screens to bother him on that last jumper.

— Love KG’s aggressiveness to start the half as well. The Spurs pack the paint as well as any team with their defense, but they’re not doubling on Garnett (at least not yet). The driving lanes just aren’t open for Rondo and Pierce, which puts the onus on KG to generate some offense.

— Quick number. Fast-break points: 12 (combined for both teams). That puts those shooting numbers into some perspective. Almost everything has been in the half-court which is simply execution. They are also likely to drop just a little.

Tony Allen is doing the ML Carr towel-waving bit, by the way and this place is as loud as it has been at any point during the regular season.

— Bowen’s on Pierce. That should be fun.

— Remember when you were in high school and your coach told your big man to run up the floor and he would get rewarded with layups? That’s exactly what Garnett is doing right now.

— When Pierce does his Gumby routine, you just can not stop it. Of course when Matt Bonner goes glass from 23 feet you can’t stop that either.

— A few minutes earlier I referenced that there were 12 fastbreak points. There are 22 now.

— OK so with Garnett out for the next six minutes or so this is the big stretch for the Celtics. They have very admirably gotten back in the game, but they can’t lose that momentum.

— Great call by Ronnie Garretson getting Bowen for kicking his leg out. I wish more guys called that. Oddly enough, the Spurs radio guys are beside themselves with that call. It’s all perspective.

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