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Live Blogging the Stephon Marbury Press Conference

02.27.09 at 5:45 pm ET

We are live from a side room inside the Boston Garden for the much-anticipated and heavily-covered Stephon Marbury introductory press conference. The press gathering is fairly large, almost playoff level for this, which was conveniently timed to make the 6 p.m. local news broadcasts.

We’ll bring you the soundbites as they happen because that’s the kind of mobile news-gathering organization we are here at

Interesting question: When was the last time there was a press conference of this size in February for a bench player? Now, obviously, Marbury is no ordinary bench player. In addition to being a former All-Star he needs his own skycap to carry around all his baggage.

The eyes of the NBA world will be on him to see if he can pull it off, which ought to be incentive enough. And here he is.

Marbury is wearing No. 8. Hello Antoine Walker.

He says he’s been working out since the summer.

Doc says they’re going to throw him out there. They don’t have a lot of stuff in for him. Obviously.

Marbury will play tonight. “If he screws up a play,” Rivers said. “It’s because he doesn’t know it.”

Q: Are you willing to buy into the Celtics system? A: I’m just happy to play basketball again, let alone what my role is.

Marbury says this is where he wanted to be and he didn’t really look at any other teams.

Doc thinks it will help Eddie House because it will move him off the ball.

His mother thought he and KG would play again.

Any concerns about fitting in? Marbury: You just got to watch and wait and see.

Very wise by the Celtics bringing Doc into the press conference with Marbury, by the way. It already makes him feel like a part of the team and Doc is able to deflect any tough questions.

“I’m human. I make mistakes and I’ve learned from my mistakes,” Marbury said.

On this year with the Knicks: “It was a humbling experience for me.”

Closing quote:

“I’m coming here to try and help the Celtics win another championship.”

Much, much more coming…

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