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The Marbury-Rivers Transcription

Selected questions and answers from the Stephon Marbury [1] and Doc Rivers [2] press conference. (Note: the questions are paraphrased and the speaker is Marbury, unless noted).

Q: How long will it take you to be ready physically?

A: I don’t how long it’s going to take me. I’ve been training the whole summer until now so I’m ready to play basketball.

Q: What kinds of workouts have you done?

A: Lot of lifting weights. Core balance. Stability. And I shot the ball. Just working on my skills. Continuing to keep my game sharp.

Q: (Directed to Doc Rivers) How long before he’s ready?

A (Rivers): We’re just going to throw him out there. Minutes will be determined by the rhythm of the team for one because we don’t have a lot on there for Steph obviously, and then two, conditioning. It’s one thing to play against me in the gym right now and another thing to be on an NBA court.

Q: (At Doc) references PJ Brown who spent the first part of his time with the Celtics [3] on the bench.

A (Doc): It will be more immediate than PJ. One, because we have to with Gabe being suspended today and Tony (Allen [4]) being out. We need bodies. And two, because we have a lot of practice time between games it gives us a chance to do this quicker.

Q: Will he play tonight?

A: (Doc) Yes. If he screws up a play it’s because he doesn’t know it. So he’ll be safe that way. It’s impossible for him to mess up a play tonight. One of the things I told Steph on the court is just be free. Just play.

Q: How were you greeted by the players?

A: Everyone was excited, which I was happy about.

Q: How about being a backup to Rondo?

A: I’m happy just to play basketball again, let alone what my role is. Like I said, I’m just excited as a player. Whatever the coach asks me to do is what I’ll do.

Q: Feelings on putting on a Celtics jersey?

A: I was lit up. The tradition. I felt it. Thinking about the championships and all the guys that played here just speaks for itself.

Q: Did he look anywhere else?

A: I pretty much had my mind set (on coming to Boston). This is where I wanted to be, because they wanted me here. They wanted me to come here and play basketball and I wanted to be here.

Q: How will this impact Eddie House [5]?

A (Doc): I think it will help Eddie because it will move Eddie off the ball. I think the guy it will benefit the most, and obviously this is not right away. It will take Steph time to learn the system and get in NBA shape. But in the grand scheme of things I think it will make Eddie a better player because Eddie can become a shooter, almost full-time. He can run the floor and come off picks. The point guards will have to guard Eddie. The two-guards will probably guard Steph.

Of all the guys (this will help) it’s probably Eddie. And maybe Paul (Pierce [6]) and Ray (Allen [7]) because now we can get them more rest. In my opinion, even though their minutes are down career-wise, their minutes are over the limit that I want to play them. This will give me the opportunity to give them some rest, as well.

Q: What about playing with Kevin Garnett [8] again. Did he think it would ever happen?

A: No, but my mother did. She kept telling me that day would happen. I’m happy about that. Playing with Kevin is going to be a lot of fun. Kevin brings a lot of energy, which I’ve known since playing with him in Minnesota.

Q: Worried about dealing with shooting guards?

A: It doesn’t matter. You still got to play defense.

Q: Do you want to be here next year?

A: If they want me, I’ll be here.

(Rivers): You’re on next year already?  Gosh. We’re just trying to get to next week.

Q: Do you have anything to prove?

A: I don’t look at it as something to prove. It’s just an opportunity to go out and play for a championship team.

Q: (To Rivers) Any concerns?

A (Rivers):  No. What’s happened before has nothing to do with today and tomorrow. We’ve always had an open mind with everyone who has come in. We’ve done pretty well. I’m not concerned about that at all.

Q (to Rivers) about Gabe Pruitt’s DUI arrest.

A (Rivers): Obviously we’re disappointed as an organization and disappointed in Gabe. He understands the mistake that he made. He’s young and you learn from those mistakes. I told him to protect the family name first. Pruitt. Your mother and father earned that name and earned that reputation and you should always protect that. And two, you’ve got to protect the Celtics name. Fortunately, no one got hurt and it’s probably a great learning experience for him.

Q: To Marbury about his reputation.

A: I’m human. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’ve just got to keep on pushing on.

Q: What’s your impression of Rondo?

A: I like him. He’s a really good player. His hands. His hands are amazing. The things he can do with the basketball are amazing.

Q: Did he learn anything from this past season?

A: Definitely. Sitting home watching basketball games and going to basketball games, it was a humbling experience for me. The whole process of going through what I went through this year was a different test for me. Going forward and playing basketball here in Boston is a great way to get (past that).

Q: Another question about his rep.

A: If you know me, that’s one thing. If you don’t know me you’re speaking about me through what someone else tells you.

Q: What he remembers about playing with KG.

A: The excitement that he brought to the game every night. Every day. Playing against him, I believe we always wanted to beat each other. It’s competitive.

Q: Did he look at other teams, or international teams?

A: No.

Q: On playing in New York?

A: You never know what’s in front of you. Playing in New York was another part of my book. Another chapter.

Q: Anything he’s looking to improve on?

A: I’m not looking to improve my game. I’m coming here to help the Celtics win another championship.