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Celtics-Cavs Game Blog: Third Quarter

03.06.09 at 9:26 pm ET

So, you’re the Celtics. You’re up by two points. That’s good. But LeBron James has not played well and you have to expect he’ll be better in the second half. That’s not good. So, are you happy with a two-point lead or are you thinking that you blew a chance to get a little distance on the scoreboard?

Probably a little bit of both.

What you are happy with, if you’re the Celtics, is the production of Leon Powe, Big Baby Davis and Kendrick Perkins who are eating up the Cavs big men. As noted in our preview this is one you just can’t predict and if you had figured on any of those above scenarios, well, congrats you are a hoops Nostradamus.

THIRD QUARTER WRAP: OK, so we had a minor fracas, an ejection, three technicals and a flagrant 2, an explosion from Paul Pierce and a smaller, but no less significant one from Ray Allen, and Rajon Rondo has already racked up 10 assists.

The next 12 minutes could do no less than decide the rest of the regular season, homecourt, the playoffs, and the fate of the Republic. Not bad.

Third Quarter Observations

— At the risk of stating the obvious, that was a big shot for Ray Allen to make to open the half. We try to mix the obvious with the sublime. It’s what we do.

— Well, to quote Dick Stockton, you could see that coming. Perkins and Baby have had elbows for Anderson Varejao all night, and Varejao is a well-known instigator. That said that was a hard foul. A foul that wouldn’t have been out of place in the 80s or 90s. In the 00s it’s a Flagrant 2.

— So, Ray Allen and LeBron James got double T’s. Big Z got a regular T and Baby got a Flagrant 2. Got all that?

— Whoops. I didn’t. Baby Davis got ejected, which is automatic with a Flagrant 2. Got my flagrants confused. It’s hard to tell from courtside without numerous HD replays but that seems kind of dubious.

— I’m beginning to sense a Pierce-James battle looming, and I like it.

— OK Ray, here’s the play. Rondo will hit you on the break. You go hard to to the goal and when LeBron comes over, you bounce it off his chest, spin in the lane and make a layup on the other side. Got it? Ready, break!

— Not sure if it was visible on TV, but Perkins just caught Varejao with an elbow to the chops.

— This will be a test for Doc to see if he’s willing to take Pierce out of this game for a few minutes. Would he trust Bill Walker in this spot? Would he go small with three guards?

— Uh-oh. Pierce is feeling it. The guy behind me on that fast break 3: “No, no, no, yeah!”

— I hate this lineup for the Cavs. Wally has no shot of playing Powe inside. JJ Hickson is where?

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