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Competition among friends

03.18.09 at 10:47 pm ET

Bill Walker and Michael Beasley were more than roommates at Kansas State. They were each other’s toughest competition.

“Oh man, we competed at everything,” Walker recalled earlier this season. “On the basketball side, out of basketball, video games, we competed in every thing. Everything was a competition.”

On Wednesday night the rookies faced off as Walker and the Boston Celtics took on Beasley and the Miami Heat. (RECAP HERE) Just like their friendship, the game was a back and forth battle. But it still doesn’t compare to their one-on-one games back in college.

“That’s probably the most intense basketball I’ve played in my life,” Beasley said. “When he won, I didn’t want to leave. And I when I won, he’s not leaving. So sometimes you could win three or four straight and he just won’t quit, or vice versa. I remember there were times we were in the gym until four or five o’clock in the morning just playing one-on-one.”

Walker dubbed Beasley, “The Beast from the East,” and the two saw everything has a chance to win. Little things walking to the car became a race. Game days were another opportunity to one up each other.

“Honestly, we prepared for a game by bringing our Xbox into the locker room and then playing games until pregame stuff,” Beasley said. “We’d always play as ourselves and be Kansas State versus Kansas State.”

Their must-win mentalities pushed one another to become better than they were before.

“It teaches you a lot about yourself,” said Walker. “Especially when you go up against somebody that’s just as competitive as you are and he’s skilled in the same manner you are, that really challenges you.”

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