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First quarter update

04.18.09 at 1:07 pm ET

A sloppy start, but both teams settled down into an entertaining back and forth kind of a game. As expected, Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose are going at it like a 1-on-1 game at Rucker Park. Give Rondo the upper hand so far with 12 points. He has been getting into the lane at will and a big reason why the teams are tied at 28-28.

Chicago made a concerted effort to get Ben Gordon started early and he scored seven quick points, but the Celtics adjusted and started bumping him coming off the curl screen. Joakim Noah has been very active (eight points and seven rebounds) and the Bulls big men have been attacking the offensive glass, as expected.

Kendrick Perkins responded with a solid first quarter with eight points and two rebounds. Most importantly, Perk picked up just one foul. He has to stay out of foul trouble.

For those of you wondering about the Kevin Garnett dynamic, KG is rocking a charcoal gray suit and providing non-stop commentary to assistant Kevin Eastman.

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