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First quarter update

What’s best strategy against a team that presses? You press them back. Similarly, it was clear from the opening seconds that the Celtics [1] wanted to run against a team that runs. Rajon Rondo [2] was sensational in the first quarter with nine points, four rebounds, six assists and a combined five fouls against Derrick Rose [3] and Kirk Hinrich [4]. The Bulls blocked seven shots in the first quarter, but that’s a fine trade-off for taking the ball to the basket aggressively as the Celtics have done time and again.

The biggest beneficiary has been Big Baby Davis who scored 12 points on 6-of-10 shooting, with most of them coming on kickout jumpers off dribble penetration. The C’s also wanted to be tougher defensively and Kendrick Perkins [5] set the tone with a hard foul on John Salmons [6] three minutes into the game.

The only downside for the C’s is that Ray Allen [7] is 0-for-2 and appears tentative early. After one, it’s 35-29 Celtics.